Jharkhand Board (JAC) Class 3 Books

For Class 3 students, while preparing for their exam, students should take help of the Jharkhand Board Class 3 books. They are considered as the most vital resource. Textbooks are a course of guidance for teachers as well as parents and students. These Jharkhand Board textbooks are prepared by subject-matter experts keeping in mind the tender age of the students. Maths, EVS, English and Hindi textbooks are provided in English and Hindi medium. Every concept in the textbook provides a detailed explanation with relatable pictorial images.

Class 3 is a crucial year for students where they start learning the important concepts of Maths, English, EVS and Hindi. Class 3 students should learn from these textbooks in order to score good marks in the exam. All the concepts are covered in the textbooks which a Class 3 student should know before they get promoted to the next class. From the table mentioned below, teachers, students and parents can download pdf of JAC Board Class 3 books of Maths, EVS, English and Hindi.

Jharkhand Board Class 3 Books – Maths, EVS, English and Hindi Subjects in English and Hindi medium

Students can also access syllabus from our BYJU’S website.

Download Jharkhand Board Class 3 syllabus – English PDF

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