JAC Class 6 Books

JAC Class 6 books are prescribed and published by Jharkhand State Board. Schools which are affiliated to Jharkhand Board follows the same textbook and syllabus which is prescribed by JAC.

The textbooks are the first source of learning for all the state board students, as it contains syllabus prescribed by the board itself. The content in the textbooks is formulated to clear the concepts of students based upon the level of education for Class 6.

We are providing you here the details related to Jharkhand Academic Council(JAC) formulated textbooks of Maths and Science subjects for Class 6. To get the complete information, keep reading the article below.

Jharkhand Board Class 6 Books – Maths & Science Subjects

The textbooks prescribed by Jharkhand Academic Council or Jharkhand State Board for Class 6th students contains the syllabus which is in accordance with the demand of the market and is also in coordination with Government of Jharkhand.

Find the links below for JAC Class 6 books of Maths and Science Subjects and download it.

JAC Class 6 Maths Book
JAC Class 6 Science Book

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