How To Select The Best Or Most Suitable Stream In IIT After Clearing IIT JEE

IIT JEE has some of the in-demand and interesting engineering programs. Selecting the best or the most suitable stream after clearing JEE can be a confusing and complicated task for most of the students. Therefore, in this article, we shall provide useful tips on how to select the right engineering stream that will help you have a bright career in the future.

5 Useful Tips

  • Select the Stream that Interests You

IIT JEE has a wide variety of engineering streams such as Aerospace Engineering, Bio-Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Electronics, Material Science, Mathematics, and Computing, etc. If you already have a dream course on your mind then great! But, if you are confused about selecting the most suitable program then research each and every one of the streams and note down the points that interest you. Based on that, select the course which you feel is doable for the next four years.

  • Do Not Follow the Herd

Just because your friends, cousins, or neighbour kids are enrolling in a particular course, it does not mean you should do the same. The program which suits them doesn’t necessarily mean suits you as well. After completing your own research on different types of courses, speak with mentors and your peers but, make your own decision while selecting the engineering stream.

  • Refer to the College’s Past Placement Records

Placement is the most important part of your engineering journey and it is beneficial to select a stream that has the most placements. Just because the college provides better placement opportunities, it does not mean your selected stream offers the same on the table. Few technology-oriented courses such as Computer Science, Electronics, Information Science, etc. has a lot to offer to the outside world. Therefore, technology companies hire more number of students from the tech stream compared to other branches of engineering. These points have to be considered while making a decision to select your desired engineering stream.

  • Strong Alumni Base 

Many of the entrepreneurs and tech-giants have come from IIT’s. It is always better to refer to the strong alumni base who have graduated from a particular stream or the college. Exploring this will inspire you in many ways to dream and achieve big in the future.

  • Research on Future Trends

Most of the applications and tools become obsolete. This is very true in the technology field as every day there is a new innovation. You have to keep yourself updated and select something which has a lot to offer in the future. For example, the world is being taken over by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Most of the manual jobs are being replaced by Machines and huge tech corporations around the world such as Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, etc are following and applying these technologies in their products. Therefore, choose something which will not become obsolete soon and stay tuned with the recent advancements, be it technical or non-technical fields.