Properties of Radio Waves

The existence of radio waves was proved by Heinrich Hertz in the year 1880. Hertz through his experiment proved that radio waves possessed all the properties of electromagnetic waves. Radio waves have the largest wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum.

The basic building block of radio communication is the radio wave. We can tune a radio to a particular frequency or wavelength and listen to the music of our choice. The radio receives the radio waves and converts them to mechanical vibration in the speaker that creates the sound that we hear. They are also used in television, air traffic control, remote-controlled toys and much more.

9 Properties of Radio Waves

Property 1: Radio waves are a form of radiation known as electromagnetic waves. The wavelength of radio waves is longer than the infrared light.

Property 2: Radio waves can travel for a long distance.

Property 3: Radio waves can penetrate through materials.

Property 4: Radio waves cannot be felt and they are invisible.

Property 5: They travel at the speed of light in vacuum. When they travel through the materials the speed differs, depending on the object’s permeability and permittivity.

Property 6: The wavelength range of radio waves is from thousands of metres to 30 cm. These correspond to a frequency from 3 Hertz to 109 Hertz.

Property 7: Radio waves are emitted naturally by lightning and astronomical objects that have a changing magnetic field. They are also created by varying electric currents.

Property 8: Radio waves experience reflection, refraction, absorption, diffraction and polarisation.

Property 9: Radio waves have both electric and magnetic components.