JKBOSE Class 10 Question Paper

JKBOSE board normally conducts two main exams annually where one exam is held in Kashmir and one in Srinagar. They are popularly referred to as the Spring and Winter Exam. However, the exam pattern is usually the same for the two exams while the question paper tends to vary. As of 2019, the JKBOSE board has decided to change the pattern of question papers for class 10 examinations. The board has taken this step to mainly discourage rote learning and equip students better for competitive examinations.

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Note: In the meantime, students can visit JKBOSE Class 10 Sample Papers to practise official sample papers.

According to the board, the new pattern of question papers will have more objective and reasoning or analytical questions. The board also believes that with the new pattern students will also develop better studying habits and have a proper understanding of whatever topic they are studying. With the adoption of the new pattern, the board is also focused on offering model question papers to its students via its official website. While the board remains proactive, students can seemingly study effectively by practising and solving question papers. Referring question papers will further enable students to get a clear idea about;

  • The overall exam paper pattern.
  • Types of questions asked in each subject.
  • Topics that are mostly repeated.
  • Distribution of marks.
  • The time required to solve questions.

Students will find JKBOSE board class 10 question papers below and they can download them and use it to practice as well as test their preparation level. Students can use them to study productively for the board exams.

Click on the given links to access the question papers.

JKBOSE Class 10 Maths Question Paper
JKBOSE Class 10 Science Question Paper

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