JKBOSE Class 10 Science Syllabus

The JKBOSE Class 10 Science syllabus is systematically designed to provide a worthwhile educational experience to the students and also help them develop a strong foundation for their future ahead. The topics covered in the 10th class syllabus are further selected carefully so that students can stimulate their curiosity and take a greater interest in matters of scientific importance.

In addition, the syllabus consists of factual, material which students will need to learn, understand clearly and recall. Knowing the entire JKBOSE Class 10 Science Syllabus 2020-21 will help the students to plan their studies, accordingly and ace the board exams. The topics and concepts covered under the syllabus for 1oth Science JKBOSE include topics such as Electricity, Sources of Energy, Carbon and its Compounds, Our Environment and so on.

JKBOSE Class 10 Science Syllabus 2020-21

The 10th class science syllabus of J&K Board is broadly divided into 3 parts as shown below:

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Biology

Students can download the complete science syllabus for Physics, Biology and Chemistry along with the practicals from the PDF below:

Download JKBOSE Class 10 Science Syllabus 2020-21 PDF

Students can have a look at weightage of the JKBOSE Board syllabus for Class 10 Science here:

Weightage of JK board Class 10 Physics Syllabus 2020-21

Units Unit Name Marks
Unit 1 Light – Reflection of Light 10
Unit 2 The Human Eye and The Colorful World 5
Unit 3 Electricity 6
Unit 4 Magnetic Effects of Current 4
Unit 5 Sources of Energy 3

Weightage of JK board Class 10 Chemistry Syllabus 2020-21

Units Unit Name Marks
Unit 1 Chemical Reaction and Equation 5
Unit 2 Periodic Classification of Elements 4
Unit 3 Carbon and Its Compounds 8
Unit 4 Metals And Non-metals 6
Unit 5 Acid, Bases and Salts 5

Weightage of JK board Class 10 Biology Syllabus 2020-21

Units Unit Name Marks
Unit 1 Life Processes 6
Unit 2 Control and Coordination 4
Unit 3 How do Organisms Reproduce 6
Unit 4 Heredity and Genetics 4
Unit 5 Our Environment 4
Unit 6 Management of Natural Resources 4

Highlights of JK Board Class 10 Science Syllabus

Some of the main objectives of the science syllabus are;

  • Develop abilities and skills that are relevant to the study and practice of science.
  • Develop the right attitude relevant to science.
  • Gain proper knowledge about scientific phenomena, facts, laws, theories, etc.
  • Develop better experimental skills and investigations.

We hope that students find this information on “JKBOSE Class 10 Science Syllabus” useful. Stay tuned for further updates on JKBOSE Exam. To access interactive Maths and Science Videos download BYJU’S App and subscribe to YouTube Channel.

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