JKBOSE Class 11 Books

JKBOSE Class 11 Books acts as an effective learning material for the students. The textbooks help students in understanding the concepts in depth. The JK Board books for Class 11 is written in a simple language by the experts keeping in mind the intellectual level of the students. Thus, books make learning more accessible and more convenient. Referring to the JKBOSE Class 11 Textbooks of main subjects such as Maths, Physics. Chemistry and Biology will help the students prepare more effectively for the exams and to revise the concepts of these subjects thoroughly.

The Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE) recommends NCERT textbooks for class 11. The NCERT books cover the entire JKBOSE Class 11 Syllabus. While studying students must refer to the syllabus. It will help them keep a track on the topic that they have covered till now.

Download JKBOSE Class 11 Books

JKBOSE follows the NCERT class 11 books for Science, Commerce and Humanities stream. The table below provides the NCERT Books for Science stream students.

NCERT Books for Class 11: Maths
NCERT Books for Class 11: Physics I
NCERT Books for Class 11: Physics II
NCERT Books for Class 11: Chemistry I
NCERT Books for Class 11: Chemistry II
NCERT Books for Class 11: Biology

The students of Commerce and Humanities stream can download the NCERT Class 11 Books from the link shown below. Moreover, students can get the NCERT Books for class 1st to 12th also.

Download NCERT Books for Class 11

Key Features of JKBOSE Class 11 Books

  • Pre-reading assignments help to make learning more comprehensive.
  • Encourage students to learn and gather knowledge on the topic of their interest.
  • The activities mentioned in the textbook helps students to know its practical application.
  • The questions at the end of the exercise are provided to check how much students have learned in a particular chapter.

Keep Learning and stay tuned for the latest updates on JKBOSE Exam. Moreover, students can access interactive Maths and Science videos through BYJU’S Tablet/App.


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