Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 12 Biology Syllabus

The Biology syllabus for Class 12 of Jammu and Kashmir State Board takes a fresh look so that the students can understand the subject from different dimensions. The JKBOSE Class 12 Biology Syllabus is not only a stepping stone towards pursuing professional courses such as medicine but it also introduces them various aspects of everyday life. Students begin to appreciate the process of how living organisms pass on instincts necessary to survive in the chapter Genetics and Evolution. While chapters such as Biology and Human Welfare, and Biotechnology and Its Applications throw light on the profound effect the subject has in improving the quality of our lives.

The JK Board Class 12 Biology syllabus also prescribes a list of experiments and activities that students have to carry out during the academic year and the same practical syllabus will be followed for the annual practical exams worth 30 marks.

JKBOSE Class 12 Biology Syllabus

The students can download the complete JKBOSE Class 12 Biology by clicking on the link below. In the pdf students will find the marks distribution of of each unit. Also, the Biology practical and experiments are listed in it.

Download JKBOSE Class 12 Biology Syllabus PDF

The class 12 syllabus of Biology is divided into two major sections.

  1. Section A: Botany
  2. Section B: Zoology

JKBOSE Class 12 Botany Syllabus

The Botany section consists of a total of 4 units as mentioned below:

Units Name of Units Marks
Unit 1 Reproduction in Flowering Plants 7
Unit 2 Genetics 9
Unit 3 Biology and Human Welfare 7
Unit 4 Ecology and Environment 12
Total 35

JKBOSE Class 12 Zoology Syllabus

The Zoology also consist of 4 units. Have a look at the marks distribution of each unit.

Units Name of Units Marks
Unit 1 Reproduction 11
Unit 2 Genetics and Evolution 12
Unit 3 Biology and Human Welfare (Health and Disease, Insects and Human Welfare) 7
Unit 4 Biotechnology and Its Application 5
Total 35

JKBOSE Class 12 Biology Practical Syllabus

As students can see below that the Botany practicals consist of 15 marks and the Zoology practicals also 15 marks. There are various Biology experiments and spotting on plants and animals.

JKBOSE class 12 Biology Practicals

Students find the Biology practicals very interesting as it helps them to connect the topics with the real world.

We hope that students find this information on “JKBOSE Class 12 Biology Syllabus” useful. Stay tuned for further updates on JKBOSE Exam. To access interactive Maths and Science Videos download BYJU’S App and subscribe to YouTube Channel.


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