JKBOSE Class 2 Books

The Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education has revised the JKBOSE Class 2 Books on the guidelines of NCF 2005. The content of the textbooks has been put in a joyful and playful manner after a thorough discussion with the teachers and Experts. JKBOSE 2nd Class Books for Maths, Hindi and English are provided here in this article below, to prepare the students more effectively for the exams. These books explain all the concepts related to the specified subject thoroughly.

A significant effort has been put on igniting students’ minds rather than resorting to help them memorise things. The primary focus is to exploit whatever knowledge students have and then construct further education.

JKBOSE Class 2 Books 2021-22

Visit the link below to download the JK Board textbooks for class 2 in PDF format. To generate the interest of the students towards studies these books are beautifully designed with pictures and infographics. Also, the story narrating style is used with fictitious characters to describe the concepts.

JKBOSE Class 2 Maths Book
JKBOSE Class 2 Hindi Book
JKBOSE Class 2 English Book
JKBOSE Class 2 English Chant II Book
JKBOSE Class 2 Teacher’s Resources Chant II Book
JKBOSE Class 2  Gojri Book
JKBOSE Class 2  Dogri Book
JKBOSE Class 2 Urdu Book
JKBOSE Class 2  Pahari Book
JKBOSE Class 2 Kashmiri Book

Also, the optional language books such as Urdu, Kashmiri, Gojri, Pahari can be downloaded from the official site of JKBOSE, i.e. (http://jkbose.jk.gov.in).

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