JKBOSE Class 3 Books

The Jammu & Kashmir State Board of School Education is an autonomous body, which is responsible for the update, review and revision of the school curriculum and textbooks for the JK state. With the demand of time, the school course needs to be changed and updated. So, JKBOSE has reviewed the curriculum in the light of guidelines of National Curriculum Framework-2005. And accordingly, the latest edition of the JKBOSE 3rd Class books is also published.

Here, students can find the JKBOSE Class 3 Books for downloading in pdf format. We have provided the clickable links in a table below in this article, to download the PDF versions of the JKBOSE Class 3 Textbooks for subjects such as English, EVS and Hindi.

JKBOSE Class 3 Books 2021-22

Click on the link below to download the J&K board class 3 textbooks. An attempt has been made to engage students with textbooks in a happy mode by narratives, poems, stories, puzzles, jigsaw, comic strips, etc. Also, stories have been incorporated in the books.

JKBOSE Class 3 English Book
JKBOSE Class 3 EVS Book
JKBOSE Class 3 Hindi Book
JKBOSE Class 3 Maths Book
JKBOSE Class 3 Urdu Book
JKBOSE Class 3 Dogri Book
JKBOSE Class 3 Gojri Book
JKBOSE Class 3 Pahari Book
JKBOSE Class 3 Kashmiri Book
JKBOSE Class 3 Chant III Workbook

Also, students can download the optional language books such as Dogri, Kashmiri, Gojri, Pahari from the official site of JKBOSE, i.e. (http://jkbose.jk.gov.in).

We hope this information on “JKBOSE Class 3 Books” is useful for students. Stay tuned for further updates on JKBOSE Exam. To access interactive Maths and Science Videos download BYJU’S App and subscribe to YouTube Channel.


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