Kerala Plus Two Biology Important Questions

Biology is a very crucial subject for most Kerala Board class 12 students, especially if they have plans to take up medical profession or wish to do higher studies in the Biology stream. It teaches students or imparts knowledge to the students about the various living organisms, their functions or chemical and physical structure and so on. The Kerala Board Plus Two Syllabus for Biology consist of interesting topics and concepts of biology, explained to the students in a very simple manner. Now, to help the students BYJU’s also provides access to the Kerala Plus Two Biology Important Questions. These give the class 12 students an overview as to the type of questions that will be asked to them at the public or board examination.

Another benefit to these important questions of class 12 biology Kerala board is that it also helps students to prepare better for competitive exams as well. Our aim is to provide students with the best resources possible to help them study well and prepare for the Kerala Plus Two Board exams as well as for competitive exams, equally. See, here the compilation of some important questions for Kerala Board +2 Biology:

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Botany Important Questions

1.Meloidegyne incoginita is a nematode parasite that infects the roots of tobacco plants. Its infection can be prevented by biotechnological methods.

(a). Name the strategy

(b). Explain the principle behind the strategy

2. In Angiosperms female gametophyte is known as embryo sac. Explain its development.

3. Bio-fortification is a practical approach to improve the public health. Name any four such crops released by IARI.

4. The DNA fragments can be separated using gel electrophoresis.

  1. Name the gel used in this technique
  2. Write the name of the technique used to remove the DNA from the gel

5. The products of ecosystem processes are named as ecosystem services. List out any four such services.

 Kerala plus two Biology important questions

7. Insulin getting assembled into a mature form was the major challenge in commercial insulin production by rDNA technology. How did Eli Nilly Company find a solution to this problem?

8. Nature has mechanisms to promote outbreeding in plants. Explain any two mechanisms existing in plants to promote outbreeding.


 Kerala plus two Biology important questions-1


 Kerala plus two Biology important questions-2

Zoology Important Questions


 Kerala plus two Biology important questions-4


 Kerala plus two Biology important questions-5

13. Differentiate Active Immunity from Passive Immunity. Give an example or passive immunity.


 Kerala plus two Biology important questions-6

15. In a classroom discussion, a student said that the sex of the baby is determined by father. Analyse the statement and give the reason for it.

16. DNA is a tightly packed structure and is found as units called nucleosomes.

  1. Explain the concept of nucleosomes
  2. Differentiate between euchromatin and hetero- chromatin


 Kerala plus two Biology important questions-7

18. Sexually transmitted disease (STD) are mainly transmitted through sexual contact.

  1. Name two examples of sexually transmitted disease
  2. Explain any two methods adopted to prevent STDs.


 Kerala plus two Biology important questions-8

20. Morphine is said to be an abused drug. Discriminate the terms of “use” and “abuse” of drugs based on this example.


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