Kerala SSLC 10th Standard Syllabus For Year 2021 - 2022

Kerala SSLC Syllabus plays an important role in any student’s life. It is not only essential for students, but also for parents and teachers or mentors. Students refer to the syllabus before preparing for the exam so that they can create a study timetable accordingly. Teachers require a Kerala SSLC 10th standard syllabus copy of the academic year to plan their classes, respectively. Parents need the syllabus copy to understand the different subjects their children will be learning in a particular academic year. Therefore, BYJU’S is providing the 10th syllabus Kerala state board for class 10 students who are studying under the Kerala Board of education.

Kerala State Board SSLC / 10th Syllabus 2021 – 2022

Students should refer to the Kerala SSLC syllabus copy to know the subjects and topics that they will be learning in that particular academic year before they start studying. To get acquainted with the chapters along with the number of topics covered in each of the subjects, it is mandatory to have a Kerala Board SSLC syllabus copy handy. Based on the difficulty level of each chapter, students can dedicate their time to prepare for various subjects of class 10.

KPBE SSLC (Class 10) Syllabus 2021 – 2022

In the given below table, we have provided 10th syllabus Kerala state board of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Social Science. Before starting their exam preparation, students should be thorough with their syllabus and the topics and subtopics included in it.

10th Maths Syllabus Kerala SSLC State Board

  • Chapter – 1: Arithmetic Sequences
  • Chapter – 2: Mathematics of Chance
  • Chapter – 3: Circle
  • Chapter – 4: Geometry and Algebra
  • Chapter – 5: Second Degree Equations
  • Chapter – 6: Statistics
  • Chapter – 7: Coordinates
  • Chapter – 8: Polynomials
  • Chapter – 9: Tangents
  • Chapter – 10: Solids

10th Science Syllabus Kerala SSLC State Board

Kerala SSLC Physics Syllabus:

  • Chapter – 1: Wave Motion Effects of Electric Current
  • Chapter – 2: Electromagnetic Induction Power
  • Chapter – 3: Transmission and DistributionHeat Colours of
  • Chapter – 4: Light Electronics and Modern Technology
  • Chapter – 5: Energy Management

Kerala SSLC Chemistry Syllabus:

  • Chapter – 6: Periodic Table and Electronic Configuration
  • Chapter – 7: Mole Concept Rate of Chemical Reactions and Chemical Equilibrium Reactivity Series and Electrochemistry
  • Chapter – 8: Production of Metals
  • Chapter – 9: Nomenclature of Organic Compounds
  • Chapter – 10: Chemical Reactions of Organic Compounds
  • Chapter – 11: Chemistry for Human Progress

Kerala SSLC Biology Syllabus:

  • Chapter – 12: Window of knowledge
  • Chapter – 13: Sensations and Responses
  • Chapter – 14: Knowledge Chemical Messages for Homeostasis
  • Chapter – 15: Unravelling Genetic Mysteries Genetics for Future
  • Chapter – 16: The Paths Traversed by Soldiers of Defense
  • Chapter – 17: Keeping disease away
  • Chapter – 18: Chemical changes and homeostasis

10th Social Science Syllabus Kerala State Board

Kerala SSLC Geography Syllabus:

  • India: The Land of Diversities
  •  Seasons and Time Human Resources Development in India
  •  Eyes in the Sky and Data Analysis
  • Terrain Analysis through Maps
  • In Search of the Source of Wind
  •  Resources Wealth of India

Kerala SSLC Civics Syllabus:

  • Public Administration
  • Civic Consciousness
  • The State and Political Science

Kerala SSLC History Syllabus:

  • Revolutions that Influenced the World
  • India After Independence
  • The world in the Twentieth Century
  • British Exploitation and Resistance
  • Struggle and Freedom
  • Culture and Nationalism
  • Kerala Towards Modernity

Kerala SSLC Economics Syllabus:

  • Public Expenditure and Public Revenue
  • Consumer: Satisfaction and Protection
  • Financial Institutions and Services

Download KBPE SSLC Class 10 Social Science Syllabus with Marks Weightage Notification PDF 

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