Kerala Syllabus 6th Standard-Maths, Basic Science and Social Science

The syllabus prescribed by the Kerala state board for class 6 students contains all the subjects, that a student needs to gain proficiency while preparing for their main examinations. The Kerala syllabus 6th standard textbooks are a great resource for students to learn from. These textbooks are created based on the Kerala Board Class 6 Syllabus 2021-22.

Kerala Board Class 6 Syllabus 2021-22

Students can easily refer to the Kerala 6th Class syllabus for Mathematics, Social Science and Basic Science that is provided here to effectively prepare for their examinations. The syllabus is according to the Kerala board, which is the official governing authority for the state curriculum of Kerala. The syllabus for the subjects of class 6 is mentioned in the tabular column below:

Kerala state syllabus for class 6 Mathematics
1) Angles
2) Average
3) Fractions
4) Volume
5) Decimal Forms
Kerala State syllabus for class 6 Basic Science
1) Caskets of Life
2) The Essence of Change
3) Flower to Flower
4) Along with Motion
5) Food for Health

We also bring the topics covered by the KBPE Class 6 Social Science Syllabus here:

KBPE Class 6 Social Science Part 1
Chapter Nos Chapter Names
1 Medieval India: The Centres of Power
2 Medieval India: Society, Resource, and Trade
3 Kerala: The land, the Rain, and the People
4 Production Process
5 The Earth: Myth and Reality
6 World of Diversities
KBPE Class 6 Social Science Part 2
7 Medieval India: Art and Literature
8 Medieval World
9 Medieval Kerala
10 Democracy and Rights
11 Diversity in Social Life
12 Gift of Nature

Thus, this is the Kerala syllabus for class 6 students. Keep visiting BYJU’s to stay updated!

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