Kerala Board 7th Standard Syllabus

The KBPE is the governing body that sets the syllabus for the quarterly and final examinations. Referring through the Kerala syllabus 7th standard are an important resource, as it can help students prepare effectively for the examinations.

Learning through the syllabus is important to avoid any kind of confusion among students while preparing for the main examinations. It is completely autonomous in nature and prescribes the syllabus for students who are looking forward to writing their final examinations.

In Kerala, the exams that are conducted are either in the English medium or Malayalam medium. The syllabus for Mathematics and Basic Science for class 7 is mentioned in the tabular column below:

Kerala State Board Class 7 Mathematics Part- 1
1) Adding Angles
2) Parallel Lines
3) Unchanging Relations
4) Repeated Multiplication
5) Area of a Triangle
6) Square and Square Root
7) Speed Math
Kerala State Board Class 7 Mathematics Part- 2
8) Drawing Triangles
9) Ratio
10) Money Math
11) Numbers and Algebra
12) Squares and Right triangles
13) New Numbers
14) Pie Charts
Kerala State Board Class 7 Basic Science- 1
1) Reaping gold through soil
2) Wonders of Visible Light
3) Acids and Alkalis
4) Through the Alimentary Canal
5) When Current flows
Kerala State Board Class 7 Basic Science- 2
6) For a pollution free nature
7) Pressure in Liquids and Gases
8) Breath and Blood of Life
9) Paths of Heat Flow
10) Safety in Food too..

Thus, this is the Kerala syllabus for class 7 students. Learn more by visiting BYJU’s!

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