Kerala Syllabus 9th Standard Textbooks

Class 9 students who are looking forward to preparing for their main examinations can refer to the textbooks, to avoid any confusion about the chapters. These textbooks are prescribed by the KBPE, which is the governing body in charge of designing the textbooks, syllabus and exam papers for class 9 students.

With the help of the textbooks which have been written by the best lecturers from across the country, students can improve upon their skills in the subject of Mathematics, Physical Science and Biology. These subjects can be quite complex to study and learning from the textbooks can be a great resource for these students to learn from.

The Kerala syllabus 9th standard textbooks can be a useful resource for students to effectively learn and prepare for their examinations. The syllabus for Mathematics is mentioned in the tabular column below:

Kerala State Board Class 9 Mathematics Part I

1) Polygons

2) Rational Numbers

3) Circles

4) Irrational Numbers

5) Area

6) Pairs of Equations

7) Statistics

8) Geometric Proportions

Kerala State Board Class 9 Mathematics Part II

9) Similar Triangles

10) Polynomials

11) Circular Measures

12) Real Numbers

13) Prisms

The syllabus for Physical Science can be found in the tabular column below:

Kerala State Board Class 9 Physical Science Part I

1) Nature of Materials

2) Separation of Mixtures

3) Periodic Table and the Chemical Bond

4) Motion

5) Wave Motion

6) Gravitation

7) Work, Energy and Power

Kerala State Board Class 9 Physical Science Part II

1) Refraction of Light

2) Electricity

3) Electromagnetism

4) Some Non-Metals in Nature

5) The world of Carbon

6) Acids and Alkalis

The syllabus for Biology can be found here in the tabular column:

Kerala State Board Class 9 Biology

1) The Sign Of life

2) The Chemical Changes of Food

3) Circulatory Pathways

4) For Obtaining Energy

5) Movement and Location

6) The Mystery of Growth

7) The Continuity of Life

8) Towards a Healthy Life

This is the Kerala syllabus for class 9 students. Visit BYJU’s- The Learning App to know more about the syllabus, textbooks of the Kerala state board.

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