Childhood Memories Essay

As we grow up and look back on our childhood days, some memories come back to our minds. Although we were so young, these memories are so powerful and vivid that we relive them from time to time. Whatever childhood memory is, it is these memories that guide us and help us enjoy our lives.

Since childhood is the most significant part of our lives, here is a short essay on childhood memories to help you understand their importance. Through this childhood memories essay introduction, we hope to encourage you to write down your unique memories.

Childhood Memories Essay

Experience of Childhood Memories

My most precious childhood memory is that of my parents preparing delightful snacks at home when I returned from school. Even though school is a great place to learn and play, sometimes I had bad days at school when I got into a disagreement with my friends. But good days also followed when I won art competitions and helped my classmates with their homework. Regardless of my good and bad days at school, the one thing that remained unchanged was my parents waiting patiently for me with a bowl of delicious snacks or cakes.

Then there were those moments I spent with my friends playing cricket or football in the playground. Those are among my most cherished moments because those times were really fun and enjoyable. I made so many friends and learned many lessons about patience and discipline by playing the games.

When I returned home after school, the smell of freshly baked cookies and fried snacks always enlivened me. I would look forward to eating all these delicious treats even as I would hear the last bell in the school. As soon as I reached home, I would race towards the kitchen where snacks were being prepared. But before I could see what was being made, they would make me play a small round of the ‘Guess the Snack’ game. I would have to guess what was made by the smell. I loved this little game, and I believe this is why I have a special interest in cooking and baking.

During the times I was not studying or playing, I would be in the kitchen, either helping my mother prepare food or experimenting with new recipes myself. I remember making a lemonade where I had to squeeze the juice of 3 lemons to finally make a glass. Even though my mother scolded me for creating a mess in the kitchen, this act of making something myself deeply satisfied me and made me happy. This is my fondest childhood memory, where I learned to make lemon juice, and it still brings me joy when I think about it.

Moral of the Essay

Writing a childhood memories essay in English would enable you to recall the best moments of your childhood once again. You will not know how much a particular memory remains so close to your heart until you start thinking or speaking about it. And by recollecting those memories, you will see yourself smiling and getting nostalgic about your childhood memory. Surely, it will help you forget your worries. So, try writing a short essay on childhood memories.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Childhood Memories Essay


How do you know which childhood memory is your favourite?

Whatever memory makes you the happiest and the one you wish to relive must be your favourite childhood memory.


What are the common childhood memories one has?

Usually, people remember things which they have done for the first time. For example, the first day at school, the first journey on a train/plane or the first swimming lesson.


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