Communication Essay

What would you do if you wished to share an idea with your friend or express your concerns regarding exams? You would interact with the concerned person, right? Wherever we go and whatever we become in life, communication is a key element that keeps our relationship with people healthy and alive. Hence, it is important to build essential communication skills in young children from early on. The communication skills essay is a great way to start practising for your children so that they can interact with people effortlessly and effectively.

Communication Essay

Experience in Communication

One day, a new student came to our class, and the teacher asked us to be friends with her. As she sat next to me, we shook hands and introduced ourselves. She told me that she came from Kerala, and I was surprised to note that her Hindi was so good that I mistook her for a native. If I hadn’t communicated with her, I would have assumed her to be a resident of Bangalore, and I wouldn’t have got to know about the interesting culture of Kerala.

I understand that there is a bigger world than we see and that we must interact with people to share our views, beliefs and ideas. As we are social beings, we cannot live alone for a long period as we are always looking for ways to connect with others and exchange information. Sometimes, we need to request others for help or express our feelings. Thus, we must enhance our communication skills as it would strengthen our social relationships and help us to earn respect in society.

There are different ways we communicate, either verbally or nonverbally, through words, gestures, body language or visuals. Besides, the way we communicate with our friends, family and employers is also distinct. Interaction is the ultimate result, whichever medium we choose to communicate.

In this present world, communication takes various forms, and technology has enabled us to keep our interactions active. Earlier, if we had to rely on letters, telegrams and public phone booths to communicate, we now have smartphones, emails and social media to convey our emotions and perspectives as well as to maintain our business and personal connections intact. Hence, it is important to nurture our communication skills to have good and meaningful conversations with people.

Moral of the Essay

The communication skills essay touches on the aspects where communication leads people to live a better life and enjoy their work environment. If we confine our feelings and ideas to ourselves, we will feel chained. Therefore, it is necessary to interact with people and lessen our burdens. The benefits of communication essay writing are huge, and you can refer to this communication English essay for guidance.



What do you mean by communication?

The way we express ourselves and exchange information through words or gestures is what is referred to as communication.


Is it necessary to have good communication skills?

Communication is aimed at building healthy relationships with people. We do not want to offend others or make them feel bad about themselves. Hence, it is essential to gain good communication skills. Moreover, if we possess good communication skills, we will be able to achieve success in our personal and professional lives.


What are the challenges to good communication?

As much as it is important to speak to others, we must give some space for listening as well. People tend to express their views without giving others a chance for others to share. Thus, communication becomes one-way, and the main intention of interaction is lost. This is the greatest challenge to good communication.


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