Environmental Degradation Essay


Have you ever thought about what keeps us living in this world? Is it the air, water, food, land, plants or animals? All these living and nonliving things in the environment are what make life possible in the world. We should be grateful for many things in the environment that enable us to lead a happy life. If you are wondering how the environment balances everything perfectly, you must understand the significance of the environment and the need to control its degradation.

The environmental degradation essay in English will be helpful for students to develop an awareness of environmental degradation. Although environmental degradation is not a recent phenomenon, the continuous exploitation of nature has posed serious threats to the environment. Hence, it is necessary to be aware of the issues and implement effective ways to reduce environmental degradation.

Environmental Degradation Essay

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Causes of Environmental Degradation

The human population is growing at an unexpected rate, along with their needs. As human needs are mostly met by the environment, all the natural resources are getting impaired and wasted. Even though most of these resources are said to be renewable, the rising demands of humans lead to their increased use, which eventually results in the depletion of natural resources. So, overpopulation is the main cause of environmental degradation, which is discussed in this environmental degradation essay.

To make our lives comfortable, we highly depend on the environment for food, clothes and shelter. As a result, we cut down several trees to build homes and living spaces. This further affects the environment as it will lead to deforestation. As the forest area is cleared for human purposes, there will be a rise in carbon dioxide levels, which makes the environment unfit for living beings.

Pollution is yet another cause that is detailed in this environmental degradation essay in English. Pollution can happen through air, water or land. There are many industries and factories that emit pollutants into the air, water and land, thus contaminating these natural resources. Some of these pollutants are harmful to us and may cause serious health problems in the long run. By throwing away waste materials like plastics and other chemicals, we are contributing to soil pollution and threatening our lives.

Ways to Solve Environmental Degradation

As we have seen the main factors that contribute to environmental degradation, let us be familiar with how to solve them through this environmental degradation essay in English. We can save our environment if we firmly believe that future generations also need to live here. One of the most important ways to reduce environmental degradation is through reforestation. As we relentlessly cut down trees, let us pledge to plant more trees and bring back the forests. In this way, we can control the level of carbon dioxide in the air. We must also implement the 3 Rs in our lives by reducing, recycling and reusing materials. Along with taking several innovative measures to control pollution, we can address the issue of environmental degradation.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the main effects of environmental degradation?

Any adverse change in the environment would affect humans. As toxic gases and pollutants are inhaled by humans, it impacts their health by causing many respiratory issues. Besides, the ozone layer depletes due to the presence of these pollutants, which emits harmful radiation to the Earth. It could also lead to climate change.


What leads to environmental degradation?

Overpopulation and urbanisation are the major factors that contribute to environmental degradation. Humans tend to exploit the environment for their selfish needs. Due to pollution and deforestation, harmful gases get accumulate in the environment, which leads to its degradation.


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