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A kid’s first introduction to drawing happens when they read books, where they see many pictures in vibrant colours. When we give a crayon or pencil to a small kid, they try to draw these pictures. But their scribbling does not make any sense to us. Although the kids’ drawing may not have any shape or it only represents a single line, this is their initial step towards drawing.

Young children draw in different ways, and each of them has its distinct characteristics. While some may grow up to become great artists, we cannot deny the fact that all of us had drawing as a favourite pastime during our childhood. In this short essay about drawing, we will discuss how children develop a fancy towards drawing and how it helps in their growth.

Drawing as a Hobby

As children grow up and start picking things, we give them colouring books and crayons to engage them. At first, their colouring may not be perfect as they will mix up colours, and it may go out of the boundaries. But gradually, they will learn to hold a crayon and carefully colour the pictures. During a later stage of their growth, we replace colouring books with drawing books, and they start drawing lines, shapes and pictures. It is from this point that children take drawing as a hobby, and this short essay about drawing will discuss its benefits and importance.

Kids might begin drawing simple objects that they see around. Sometimes, it’s a flower, house, tree or car. Later on, they start drawing people and buildings. Eventually, they draw something from their imagination, for which we will have to give them a new name. This is how drawing as a hobby motivates kids to think beyond their capabilities and give an artistic form to their ideas.

Importance of Drawing

Although we indulge kids in drawing to occupy themselves, it has far more advantages than we see, which this essay drawing deals with. While kids have to learn many subjects, drawing gives them a respite from all the tensions and worries as they lose themselves in a different world. It is a great way to fight boredom and find relaxation as well.

In terms of skills, drawing enables kids to develop fine motor skills. As drawing involves fingers, hands and wrists, kids will be able to improve their motor skills easily. Besides, children will be able to grasp concepts quickly through drawing. Suppose you need to teach the difference between big and small or tall and short. With the help of drawing, you can simply show them the difference, and your kids will start differentiating them while creating pictures. Drawing can also enhance the concentration of children. As they tend to observe the minutest details, we can see that kids try to give details to their drawing, and this, in turn, helps them to focus better. Thus, this short essay about drawing from BYJU’S will be useful to teach children how drawing is the best way to boost their creativity and imagination.



What are some of the ways to improve kids’ drawing skills?

The only way to improve your kid’s drawing skills is to practise every day. We must not force children to create perfect drawings. Instead, we can encourage them to draw whatever comes to their mind. If your child finds it difficult to draw, ask them to indulge in freehand drawing or trace pictures from books. In this way, we can improve their drawing skills.


How does drawing contribute to a child’s development?

Drawing is an effective way to develop children’s fine motor skills and creativity, as they will be using their hands and minds to draw on paper. Moreover, they will retain their focus, as they will be concentrating on their art.


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