Essay on My Favourite Game Badminton

Badminton is a competitive sport that requires speed, agility, and skill on the court. A badminton match consists of the best-of-three games of 21 points. Badminton is a racquet sport in which two or four players hit a shuttlecock back and forth using racquets held crosswise. The shuttlecock is very light.

Playing badminton is an excellent exercise for the body. It strengthens muscles, enhances reflexes and motor coordination, increases flexibility, and improves balance. Playing badminton helps with these things better than other sports because it uses every muscle in the body.

It is a sport that improves physical and cognitive skills and helps individuals to become more flexible. It also improves your mood and concentration, often the problems people face.

Badminton is a game that anyone can play, regardless of their skill level. It is also a sport that requires very minimal equipment, which becomes an advantage for many people who live in places where it is not easy to get access to other sporting activities.

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My Favourite Game Badminton

For me, badminton is the perfect mixture of skill, speed and endurance. I love to play badminton with my friends and family. It is a fast-paced game that people of all fitness levels can play. It doesn’t require any specialised equipment and can be played in many different places.

Badminton is my favourite game because there are always new learning strategies, and I can work harder than other sports.

Badminton is my favourite game because it is fun to play. I also like it because we must have a lot of skill and concentration to play this sport, and it can be tricky sometimes.

Badminton is a sport that I enjoy playing. Moreover, this game is different from other games. It is a game where you have to hit the shuttlecock with your arm, and one needs strong hand muscles.

Badminton in Olympics

Badminton has been a part of the Olympics since 1992. This fast-paced game is played in a small rectangular court or zone and outdoors with a racquet and shuttlecock. It is just one of five sports included in every Olympic game since. The other four are archery, basketball, swimming, and gymnastics.

It is primarily an individual sport but can also be played in teams of two or four. Competitors use rackets with three feathers to hit a shuttlecock back and forth between them.

To conclude, badminton is an excellent sport that trains us mentally and physically. Read the essay on my favourite game, badminton and help kids draft a short essay on badminton.

Frequently Asked Questions on Essay on My Favourite Game Badminton

Since when is badminton a part of the Olympics?

Badminton has been a part of the Olympics since 1992.

How many players can play badminton?

Badminton can be played as singles (with one player per side) or doubles (with two players per side).

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