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Railway stations are where people gather and wait for their trains to reach their destinations. They provide shelter from the adverse climate, food and drinks, toilets, and other facilities that can make one’s journey more comfortable. The first railway station in the world was The Mount on the Oystermouth Railway; in 1807, it was opened for passengers. The railways are a mode of transport that uses rail tracks to move trains across the country, carrying passengers and cargo. The railways were initially used for passenger transport, but now, they are also used for freight. BYJU’S essay on railway station allows children to understand its benefits and importance.

Besides the amenities mentioned before, a railway station consists of the following functions: a passenger terminal for boarding and deboarding and loading and unloading their baggage; roads providing access to the surrounding area; taxiways providing access to taxis, car parking spaces, bus stops, etc.; train platforms; tracks for trains; signalling devices (such as lights); and mechanical equipment, such as escalators to provide vertical access between each level. Now, let us read more about the advantages of railway stations in India by referring to the essay on railway station in English.

Benefits of Railway Stations

The railway station is a central hub for people to travel from one place to another. The station has many platforms, each with its tracks. The railway station is one of the essential parts of a town, as it is cheaper and faster compared to other modes of transportation.

The railway helps carry people and goods, and its functioning has environmental protection in mind. Railway stations are hubs of activity for trade and commerce. Furthermore, it is also important for the economy because it helps transport goods faster.

Moreover, there are also many spots at the train station that provide free Wi-Fi and charging ports for people’s electronic devices. Today, people need to have these amenities more than ever, as we have become more reliant on our devices for communication and entertainment. After understanding the advantages of railway stations, let us learn the importance of railway stations by reading BYJU’S essay on railway station.

Importance of Railway Stations

Now, let us understand the significance of railway stations through the essay on railway station in English. Railway stations are usually located in the centre of city life or in small towns. This enables people to travel and transfer goods over long distances easily.

To conclude, railway stations play an essential role in boosting the economy of any country and making people’s journeys smooth. For more kids learning activities, visit BYJU’S website.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which was the first railway station in India?

Royapuram railway station, which started its operation in June 1856, was the first railway station in India.


Which is the oldest surviving railway station in the world?

The oldest surviving railway station in the world is the Liverpool Road railway station in Manchester; it was opened in 1830.


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