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A forest is an important part of our ecosystem that needs to be protected. Trees take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere through photosynthesis and release oxygen into the air. The density of trees in a forest is an indicator of the health of an ecosystem. It can also serve as a source of food, shelter and energy for all living things. BYJU’S forest essay teaches kids its importance to our planet and the significance of preserving them.

The forest is a source of life for the plants and animals that live in it. Animals, insects, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and many other creatures find homes in the forest.

The forest is a big part of the ecosystem in this world. They can be found all over the world, and they help create habitats for wildlife and protect water sources from pollution.

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Importance of Forests

Forest essay in English helps children understand the significance of conserving the precious forests that help balance the ecosystem. The forest is an integral part of the ecosystem by providing oxygen and cleaning our air.

Forests are necessary for a healthy planet. They are vital to our society because they provide many essential resources. Besides, people rely on forests for paper, wood, and other products. Forested land also provides essential habitat for animals and plants and many species of microorganisms.

Moreover, forests have an enormous impact on the environment. They filter air and water and regulate the weather and climate changes.

Significance of Conserving Forests

Some people might not realise the significance of conserving forests. Besides providing habitat for living organisms, they also help prevent flooding when they absorb excess water from rainstorms and prevent erosion from moving soil across the land. With a decrease in forested areas, the existence of flora and fauna is threatened, as they depend on each other for food and shelter. If a much more significant portion of the world’s forests is destroyed, it could have irreversible consequences for our planet.

Conserving forests is beneficial to the world; it provides cleaner air and keeps the climate moderate. The trees are also important for biodiversity and to combat climate change.

Once the little ones have learned the importance of the forests by referring to BYJU’S describing a forest essay, you can ask them to write an essay on forest, explaining the significance of conserving the forests.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should the forests be preserved?

Forests must be preserved because they work to regulate the climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions and keep the planet safe. Forests are the lungs of our planet, and we must preserve them. Scientists believe that if we were to lose the forests, we would experience a five-degree rise in temperature.


What do children learn from BYJU’S essay on forest?

Children learn the importance and significance of the conservation of forests by referring to BYJU’S essay on forest.


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