Honesty is the Best Policy Essay for Kids

We have come across the proverb “Honesty is the best policy” numerous times. This proverb also makes a very common topic for essay writing in primary classes. Here, we are offering honesty is the best policy essay for kids written in 10 simple lines.

Essay writing hones linguistic skills in students. It also sharpens creativity and imagination in young minds. That is why children are motivated to practice essay writing right from their formative years of learning. This honesty is the best policy paragraph in English is our attempt to offer a good example of how kids can write 10 lines essay on this topic.

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Honesty is the best policy Essay in English

Honesty is the best policy Essay

  • “Honesty is the best policy” is a famous English proverb.
  • It encourages the quality of being honest i.e. truthful and sincere.
  • The meaning of honesty is the best policy is that even if one finds lying an easier option, telling the truth is the best course of action.
  • The proverb puts light on the importance of genuineness and integrity in an individual’s life.
  • An honest person is always more courageous and confident than a dishonest person.
  • This is because the dishonest person will always be scared of the revelation of truth. Such a person can never be at peace.
  • Honesty imparts peace and happiness to the individual who practices it.
  • An honest person tends to make stronger and healthier relationships with the people around.
  • Honesty is always respected and recognized in society. It is a reflection of one’s strong character.
  • Like all other good values, one learns honesty at home through family members and in school through teachers.


We hope that the above 10 lines on honesty essay in English for kids would help your little one in understanding how to draft a simple and interesting essay on the given topic. Honesty is the best policy meaning has been explained in the essay given above.

Children should read different essay types to explore honesty is the best policy examples to develop an in-depth understanding of the topic. Children can also write the same 10 lines under the heading honesty is the best policy paragraph. At school functions too, children can participate in honesty is the best policy speech and discuss how speaking the truth helps in boosting one’s confidence and leading a fulfilling life.

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