My Favourite Game Kabaddi Essay


Most of us would have probably heard players saying ‘kabaddi’ endless times without losing their breath. And we all watch in awe and tension whether the player will be caught or not. The thrill and excitement of playing the game are not exclusive to players alone, but spectators also patiently anticipate what is going to happen next. Kabaddi is all about physical strength and focus. Let us see what makes the game unique and popular in India through my favourite game Kabaddi essay.

My favourite game Kabaddi essay in English will guide your children to write an essay on their favourite sport. Through this essay, we will understand how Kabaddi is played and its importance. Children can write about their favourite game with the help of essays on our website.

Method of Playing Kabaddi

Kabaddi is an outdoor game played on a big field or school grounds, which requires great stamina and strength. The game does not require any equipment, but it is played in two teams with 7 players each. Each of the teams stands at both ends of the court, and several rounds are played between them within a time frame. One player from the team enters the court of the other team and tries to touch the players, thus making them out of the round. Let us further see what happens in the game through this essay on my favourite game Kabaddi in English.

The fun of the game is that the player must chant the words ‘kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi’, continuously in a single breath, and the opposing players must try to catch them, without being touched by the player. If the player manages to reach their court without stopping their chanting, then that team wins the round, and all the players from the opposing team who touched them would be out.

On the other hand, if the team catches the player before they reach their court, and they run short of their breath, then that team wins, and the player becomes out. The game resumes with the remaining players, and points are added to each team for each win. And the team with the highest score wins the competition.

Benefits of Playing Kabaddi

You might have understood how Kabaddi is played from the previous section. Now, let us know the advantages that we get from playing Kabaddi through my favourite game Kabaddi essay in English. As the main highlight of the game is to repeat the word ‘kabaddi’, it will enable the players to increase their breathing capacity. The game requires a strong presence of mind, as a slight deviation of focus will put the game in jeopardy. Hence, Kabaddi will improve the concentration of players as well as enable them to think on their feet.

These traits will be greatly useful for them, even in their later life, as they will be able to concentrate better on their studies and make important decisions about their career. Besides, they will learn essential skills like teamwork, collaboration and leadership through Kabaddi. Kabaddi is a well-liked and useful game for many children, and we can encourage them to participate in the game from their school days.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Favourite Game Kabaddi Essay


How did Kabaddi evolve as a game?

Kabaddi has been played for many years, and it originated in Tamil Nadu several years back. It was usually played as a leisure game for entertainment, but now, the game is very popular as a sport of national and international competition. It has also become a part of the Beijing Asian Games in 1990.


Why is Kabaddi a favourite game of children?

Kabaddi is played by many children since their childhood, and the game instils in them a competitive team spirit. It is fun to play the game, and children can destress themselves through Kabaddi. This is why children like to play Kabaddi.


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