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While there are people who find peace in seeing the beautiful nature outside, there are also a few who find satisfaction in capturing this beauty in their paintings. Even though it is easy to draw something you see, it is sometimes difficult to understand the meaning behind a painting. Such is the depth and value of a painting, and this painting essay example will be ideal for your kids to write about painting.

Due to its simple and narrative format, this painting essay will be easy for your kids to understand. The essay is so easy to read that children will be able to create one on this topic effortlessly. Here is an essay on a painting I made.

Experience in Painting

It was during my 7th birthday that my parents gifted me with a set of paints and paintbrushes. Since I was young, I have had a liking for drawing and painting, and it was due to my artistic talent that my parents decided to give me this painting set. Of all the gifts that I have received, this one was extremely special for me. The moment I unwrapped the gift, I began mixing colours and dabbing them on paper. And the sheer sight of colours filled me with great joy.

In the beginning, I began painting things that I saw around me; sometimes, it was beautiful scenery or a particular incident, such as a boy helping an elderly man cross the road. Although my paintings were not perfect, I was happy that I could capture such memorable moments through my art. Slowly, I perfected the art by painting from my imagination and seeing things from a different perspective. I would like to highlight an incident in this essay on a painting I made.

My school organised a painting competition in connection with Republic Day, and I took part in it. Excitedly, I grabbed my painting tools and started painting an alluring landscape. I utilised the paper to paint a burning sunset at the top, glistening waters in the middle and lush greenery at the bottom. As the lines disappeared, the picture felt like a single landscape that depicted the colours of the Indian flag. Satisfied with my painting, I submitted it to the judges, and they applauded me for my creativity. The fact that I was able to show something meaningful through the painting filled me with happiness, and it was the greatest achievement that I have had so far.

Moral of the Essay

Painting is an art through which our children express themselves, and we cannot imagine how far their thoughts will go. While many of them will not have a natural skill in painting, as elders, we must ensure that we encourage the gifted children to practise painting and refine their art. This painting essay from BYJU’S shows that if we support the dreams and talents of children, they will surely go a long way. As such, they will stop doubting themselves and, in fact, believe that they can create wonders through painting.

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Is painting a good hobby for children?

Children have varied interests, and if you think that they love art and painting, it will be good to buy paints, brushes and paper. While painting as a hobby will help them relax and enjoy, it will also develop their imaginative and creative skills as well as improve their hand-eye coordination.


How to improve your child’s painting skills?

Even though it is good to introduce them to painting at an early age, we must not overfill their plates. First, give them small canvases and let them learn how to mix colours to form new ones. Once they are familiar with colours, give specific topics or themes to paint. Also, present them with different types of paintings, like watercolour painting, oil painting, acrylic painting, etc.


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