Road Safety Essay

Quite often we see ourselves walking on the road, sometimes to buy goods or simply to meet our next-door neighbour. Despite the distance we travel on the road, we need to be aware of certain road safety rules. In these times where there is an alarming rise of road accidents, a little care and attention are all we need to prevent accidents and save lives.

In its simplest sense, road safety means ensuring that you are safe and sound from any accidents that may happen while you are walking on the road. This short essay on road safety will give you an idea of how to go about writing an easy and effective essay on the same.

Experience in Road Safety

I usually walk to school, where my father accompanies me, and he would never let go of my hand until I was safe within the bounds of the school. On our way, we came across many vehicles and people running past us, and I had a fear whether they’ll trip me over and hurt me. But my father taught me some golden rules of the road that would protect me from any harm.

He told me that roads are for everyone – be it for motor vehicles, bikers or pedestrians. And hence, we should be mindful of them while walking or driving. Road safety should not be taken lightly, and there are many road safety rules to guide and safeguard us. Children and older people are more prone to accidents because of their carelessness and negligence. Hence, they need to understand and follow road safety rules.

If there is a pavement, make sure to walk on it and make use of the zebra crossing if you ever have to cross the road. Also, look to your right and left to ensure that no vehicles are passing before crossing the road. We must always be alert while walking/driving on the road and hence, should avoid any distractions like phones. Most importantly, follow traffic signals and only cross the road when it is clear, and all vehicles are stopped at red. Even while driving, take care to wear your seat belts and helmets and try not to overspeed in busy lanes. Thus, if we stick to these simple road safety rules, we would be able to safely walk on the road and avoid accidents.

Moral of the Essay

This short essay on road safety highlights the significance of obeying road safety rules so that everyone can walk/travel on the road without any worries. One must remember that the moment we step out of our homes, we are at the risk of experiencing any road accidents. It all lies in our hands whether we would be able to overcome them. Through this road safety essay in English, we have come to understand the meaning of road safety and how we could remain safe on the road by following simple rules.


What is the meaning of road safety?

When we walk/travel on the road, there are chances that we might get hurt due to some minor or major road accidents. To prevent such accidents, there are certain rules that we must follow while on the road. This is what is referred to as road safety, and it plays a key role in maintaining our well-being.

What are the steps taken to ensure road safety while walking?

Always try to walk on the footpath to keep yourself from hitting vehicles. If there is no footpath, walk on the right side of the road so that it becomes easier for you to see oncoming traffic. While crossing the road, make sure that no vehicles are passing and only cross after checking both sides of the road.

How do you prevent accidents while driving?

Whether in a two-wheeler or car, wear your protective gear – helmets and seat belts. Follow traffic signals and do not speed up when you see the signal turning red. Maintain a safe distance between the vehicles in the front and back and drive slowly in busy junctions and residential areas.

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