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When you were young, do you remember how you used to climb up the trees just for the fun of reaching the top and seeing the surroundings? You might have also plucked some juicy mangoes on your way down during summer vacation. Though trees are an important part of our memory, we often undermine their importance as we grow up. This short essay on save trees is a reminder for us to be grateful for their existence and do everything in our power to preserve them.

As days go by, the growth of the population also increases. Due to this, people cut down trees for timber, firewood, etc. But they are not aware of how cutting down trees impacts them and the environment negatively. How to save trees essay is the ultimate resource for your kids to learn the importance of trees.

Benefits of Trees

Seeing those tall and broad trees with twisted branches, green leaves, and beautiful flowers is itself a sight for our eyes. Apart from this visual treat, trees offer us many other advantages, which are discussed in this save tree essay in English. Trees give us oxygen to breathe, and they make our environment clean and green by filtering out harmful gas and chemicals. Moreover, they provide us with food and shelter, which help us to sustain our lives.

If we look around our house, we can see that all the furniture, including cupboards, chairs and tables, is made from trees. Along with providing nourishment to the environment, trees are used to fill our spaces with comfort and luxury. Trees are home to a variety of birds and animals, and it is this combined harmony that maintains the balance of nature. Hence, it is right to claim that trees are the backbone of our environment, without which life is not possible.

Ways to Save Trees

While trees give us endless benefits, we must remember not to overexploit their uses. As trees are nature’s gift, we need to care for and value them like we cherish our birthday gifts. Since trees are present everywhere, we believe that we will never run out of them. This leads to their destructive use, and we end up cutting down large numbers of trees for various purposes. As forests are cleared and our homes become luxurious, the hidden threat of global warming starts appearing.

Provide your children with BYJU’s easy-to-download essay on save trees to help them learn its importance. We have also given some effective ways to save trees through this short essay on save trees. Make a vow to plant two or more trees for every tree that we cut and run campaigns and awareness programmes to make people realise the importance of saving trees. We must also educate our children on saving trees and encourage them to plant new saplings and trees. Thus, let us pledge ourselves to a better future by saving trees and forests.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the major threats to saving trees?

The major threat to saving trees is the rising trend of urbanisation and modernisation. To make big cities and buildings, we rely on wood, and we get wood from trees. As people tend to dream of luxurious lives, they cut down trees mercilessly without any thought of the future.


How to save trees?

Any small step we take is big enough to protect our trees. We must reduce the use of paper, as it is made from wood. Besides, planting more trees or setting up a small garden on your balcony or near your entrance could help in saving trees.


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