Self Confidence Essay

Some things in life cannot be taught; it has to be picked by ourselves as we grow. Children often find themselves in a tight spot when they are asked to speak in front of an audience. They might also be reluctant to freely express what they want for the fear of being judged by others. This is due to the lack of confidence in them, and we must pluck out the seeds of doubt from them from a young age so that they would succeed in their lives.

This self confidence essay in English will be an inspiration for them to overcome their fears and insecurities. Self confidence means having the ability to believe in oneself and free themselves from any doubt. While the school lessons hardly teach about self confidence, it is through simple activities and exercises that we help our kids build their confidence. Get some interesting points from this confidence essay to make your children independent and optimistic.

Self Confidence Essay

Experience in Self Confidence

There is a friend in my class who is constantly worried about different things. If there was a test the next day, she would panic and start complaining about how there is only a little time to prepare. Even when she arrives for the test, she would say that she has not prepared well and that she would fail. I learned that she did not have faith in herself or her abilities. I told her that I went through a similar situation earlier, where I doubted my real potential. It affected my scores and performance, and that was when I decided to push my boundaries.

I knew it was within me to believe in myself and come out of my comfort zone. So, I began taking small measures to ensure that I was happy with what I did and stopped worrying about others’ opinions. Slowly, I was confident enough to face my fears and accepted whatever came my way. As I built my confidence, it also greatly improved my personality. My friend listened to my experience, and she took it positively as she is now among the top 10 in the class.

Self confidence is a key attitude that we must possess in life so that we can tackle any situation and rise beyond our doubts. By holding onto our confidence, we will not be able to give up easily and hence will always strive to succeed. We do not have to rely on others for validating our skills and abilities. If we are confident that we can do something, surely we will be able to achieve it. But we must also take care not to be overconfident and base our abilities on reality. Then, nobody will be able to stop you from achieving your dreams.

Moral of the Essay

While you may not be able to find self confidence in any of your children’s textbooks, this self confidence essay PDF will motivate your kid. Children may not be able to boost their confidence overnight, but by identifying their strong points and setting goals, they will master this attitude eventually. You can check out other how to build confidence essays in this section. The way kids learn about self confidence would differ from child to child as each of them would have different experiences. And once they attain self-confidence, they will be able to achieve things that were once thought impossible.



What is self confidence?

Self confidence is an attitude that one has towards oneself and the belief that one possesses that one could achieve something.


How does self confidence impact one’s life?

If a person has self confidence, then they will be able to face any challenges in their life without any help. They will approach any problem positively and put extra effort to accomplish their work. Thereby, a confident person’s life will be ruled by success.


How to build one’s self confidence?

By remaining optimistic, we could build our self confidence. Keep track of the smallest achievements you have had so far, focus on your strengths and try to build them, and make realistic goals – these are some of the ways to build one’s confidence.


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