Tomato Drawing for Kids

Every child simply loves tomatoes in one form or the other. If some are fond of having them raw, others prefer to get the puree out once it is cooked. And which child would say no to tomato ketchup or sauces? This tomato drawing for kids is aimed at understanding their liking for this vegetable. But wait, is a tomato a vegetable or a fruit? All the confusion centring this ripe, red and juicy tomato can be cleared with the help of an easy drawing for tomato for kids. Besides, they can get an idea about drawing by referring to fruits drawing for kids.

Eaten both raw and in the cooked form, tomatoes are appealing to the eyes of children because of their deep red colour. BYJU’S tutorial on tomato drawing for kids will help them to draw a tomato as attractive and juicy as the real one. If kids are beginning to learn to draw shapes, tomatoes will be a great start for them because of their round shape. So, let us see an easy step-by-step guide on tomato drawing for kids.

Table of Contents

  • How to Draw Tomato for Kids
  • Drawing Tomato for Kids
  • Colouring Tomato for Kids
  • Amusing Facts about Tomatoes for Kids
  • How to Draw Tomato for Kids

    We know how much flavour tomatoes add to a recipe. Being a part of the healthy food category, tomatoes are the best alternative for giving a rich taste and colour to the dish. Thus, children will have a great time tracing and drawing this vegetable in quick steps through a drawing for tomato for kids. By drawing a small circle and painting it in red, kids will get the basic form of a tomato. Just like how the dish will remain bland without tomatoes, the drawing will not become complete if we do not add a proper stem and leaf. In this tutorial on tomato drawing for kids, we will show how to draw a realistic tomato. So, let the children grab their pencils and crayons to practise drawing a tomato with us.

    Drawing Tomato for Kids

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    Colouring Tomato for Kids

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    Amusing Facts about Tomatoes for Kids

    How would it look if we shared some interesting facts about tomatoes with kids as they immersed themselves in this drawing activity? Sounds great, right? Here, we have provided a few fun facts about tomatoes that will go along with an easy drawing for tomato for kids. By feeding these little snippets of information, we will be paving the way for general awareness and a holistic kids’ learning experience. Though it is not difficult to draw a tomato, we can make it as enticing as the real one by focusing on shading. This may seem a huge task for our young ones, and this is why we have given an easy-to-follow tutorial on tomato drawing for kids. Meanwhile, have fun reading these amusing facts about tomatoes with your children.

    • Though tomatoes are mostly used as a vegetable for cooking, botanically, they are classified as fruits as they have seeds and are grown from a flowering plant.
    • We can find different varieties of tomatoes that are sweet and juicy, and these are mainly used for salad dressing and in making sandwiches and tomato sauces and pastes.
    • Even if the most common and familiar colour of tomatoes is red, we can see that they come in yellow, green, purple, orange, pink, black or white colours.
    • In Spain, there is an annual festival of tomatoes called La Tomatina, where thousands of people gather around and throw tomatoes at each other purely for fun and entertainment.
    • Have you ever tasted tomato juice? If not, head to the state of Ohio in the USA, as they have tomato juice as their official drink because of their love for tomatoes.

    As your children will have learnt to draw a tomato and understood a few facts about it, we can encourage them to draw other vegetables and fruits. This tomato drawing for kids will be a guide for them and let us see how they create a beautiful drawing with many fruits and vegetables. If they enjoy drawing tomatoes, they will surely find favour with other drawing tutorials that we have provided. You can also browse stories, essays and poems on BYJU’S website.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    How will the tomato drawing activity from BYJU’S be useful for kids?

    The tomato drawing activity is helpful for kids to learn to draw a tomato. Through this, they will be able to better their skills in drawing shapes.


    What are the benefits of eating tomatoes?

    Tomatoes are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, calcium and potassium, which ensure that our bodies have increased immunity, along with helping in keeping the stomach clean.


    How can we eat tomatoes?

    Tomatoes are eaten ripe and in raw form. Apart from being used for cooking, they are used in salads and sandwiches. Besides, they are processed for making tomato sauces and pastes.