Karnataka Board Class 3 Syllabus - Maths and EVS

Karnataka Board Class 3 syllabus Maths and EVS provide the complete course structure that a student needs to study in that particular academic year. The KSEEB syllabus helps students to understand the topics and subtopics thoroughly. Teachers also refer to the syllabus while teaching the students inside the classroom. Even the textbook and question papers are designed as per the latest syllabus. Students should refer to the syllabus before they start their academic session. Below we have provided syllabus of both Maths and EVS of Karnataka Board.

Karnataka Board Class 3 syllabus – Maths and EVS

Click on the link below to download the  Karnataka Board Class 3 Maths syllabus.

Download Karnataka Board Class 3 Maths Syllabus PDF

Karnataka Board Class 3 Maths Part 1 
1. Shapes
2. Numbers
3. Addition
4. Subtraction
5. Multiplication
Karnataka Board Class 3 Maths Part 2 
6. Division
7. Mental Arithmetic
8. Fractional Numbers
9. Money
10. Measurement,
Weight – Measuring Time
11. Data Handling
12. Patterns

Karnataka Board Class 3 EVS Syllabus

We have provided the complete syllabus of Karnataka Board Class 3 EVS below. The syllabus can be accessed free of cost from our BYJU’S website.

  • Chapter 1: A day in the garden
  • Chapter 2: Green wealth
  • Chapter 3: Judgement of the owl
  • Chapter 4: The story of a drop of water
  • Chapter 5: The family of water
  • Chapter 6: Variety of food
  • Chapter 7: Our kitchen
  • Chapter 8: Variety of food
  • Chapter 9: Pretty house
  • Chapter 10: Our sense organs
  • Chapter 11: Importance of teeth
  • Chapter 12: Danger – Accident
  • Chapter 13: Facilities for our use
  • Chapter 14: Modes of transport
  • Chapter 15: Communicating through letters
  • Chapter 16: Deepa’s Generation
  • Chapter 17: My hobby
  • Chapter 18: These people are also like us
  • Chapter 19: Festivals and Fairs
  • Chapter 20: A day in my life
  • Chapter 21: The game – Hide and Seek
  • Chapter 22: Story of a pot
  • Chapter 23: The Earth – Our Home
  • Chapter 24: Map
  • Chapter 25: My district-Your district

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