Karnataka Board Class 4 EVS Textbook 2022-23

Environmental Studies is the study of Science and Social Science with concepts related to daily life experiences, information about the environment, society, country and their duty and rights. The Karnataka Board Class 4 EVS Textbook ensures that these topics are presented via interesting situations and activities. It also works to promote self learning and creativity in children. Main aim of these Karnataka Stateboard Textbooks is to make learning more interesting and enjoyable.

 KSEEB Class 4 EVS Book 2022-23

The Karnataka Board Class 4 EVS Textbook is created according to the KSEEB Class 4 syllabus. These Karnataka Board Class 4 Textbook for EVS is available in both English and Kannada languages.

Download Karnataka Board Class 4 EVS Textbook

KSEEB Class 4 EVS Textbook- English Medium 2022-23
KSEEB Class 4 EVS Textbook- Kannada Medium 2022-23

The textbook also covers simple activities that involve observation, measurements, analysis, and synthesis to engage them in the learning process, thus aiming to make studies more interesting and interactive. Main idea behind this textbook is to stimulate the children into an inquiry- based learning process. At the same time, care is taken to ensure that the book is gender neutral in terms of language and presentation of the concepts.

Find also the list of chapters or topics covered in the book from the table given.

1. The animal kingdom
2. Honey, sweet honey
3. Go around the forest
4. Roots – Support of the plant
5. Flowers – Colours
6. Each drop…….
7. Water pollution – Conservation
8. Food – Health
9. Food habit
10. Shelter – Its variety
11. Waste is wealth
12. Learn mapping – Know directions
13. Our body – A wonderful machine
14. Traffic rules
15. Transport and Communication
16. The changing families
17. Home – The first school
18. Each one is unique
19. Occupation – Its importance
20. Festivals – A pleasure
21. Kho …….
22. Facilities – Improvement
23. Dress – Design
24. Journey of the cloud
25. Our state – Our pride

These books have been made as interesting as possible, with the help of illustrations. These books are written in simple language, as well, thus making communication very easy. At the starting of every chapter, in the textbook, there are also competencies given, which the students should develop after each lesson, in order to help the teachers facilitate with the learning process.

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