Line Graph Calculator

The Line Graph Calculator is an online tool that shows the Line Graph for the given line equation. BYJU’S simple line equation graph calculator helps to plot the line graph based on the equation. To plot a graph for the given linear equation, we need to enter the equation of a line in the input field. We can enter here multiple equations to get the line graphs for the same.

What is a Line Graph?

A line graph is used to represent information that changes with respect to time. It can also be used to show the relation between two or more information that are connected to each other

For example, change in the price of a product with each passing year.

In line graph, the horizontal axis is x-axis and vertical axis is y-axis.

How to Plot Line Graph?

To plot the line graph using calculator, follow the below steps:
Step 1: Write the line equation in the input field
Step 2: Click on the “Enter” button to get the result
Step 3: The graph based on the equation will be plotted in an XY plane.


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