Binomial Theorem Worksheet

The Binomial theorem being a part of the elementary algebra explains the powers of a binomial as algebraic expressions. As per the theorem, one could enlarge a polynomial (x + y)n as a sum that involves the xb yc  with the exponents b and  c being non-negative integers with the criteria of b+c = n and the coefficient and relying on n and b the coefficient a for every term would be a positive integer that would be specific.

The earliest reference for this theorem lies in the Indian text Chandahsatra written by a mathematician named Pingala in 200 B.C which had the solution mentioned in it. There have been findings stating that ancient Indians used to know about expressing the theorem as a quotient format. Here we have provided a worksheet for problems based on the binomial theorem as it would be helpful for students who wish to know more about different aspects of this theorem.

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