Difference Between Line And Line Segment

The key difference between line and line segment is, a line is extended in both directions infinitely but a line segment has two endpoints. In the elementary level geometry, the term that every student comes across is ‘line’.

A line is a simple geometric shape that extends in both the directions, but a line segment has two defined endpoints. Both the figures are also different from a ray, as a ray has only one endpoint and extend infinitely in one direction.

It is significant for the students to comprehend the contrast between these two terminologies. This article is a quick reckoner guide of what are the differences between line and a line segment.

Definition of Line and Line Segment

Line: A line is a one-dimensional geometrical figure. It is defined as a straight, long, and a continuous path that is represented using the arrowheads at both directions. It extends in both the directions.

Line Segment: A line segment is a straight line that passes through the two points. A line segment has a definite length. The shortest distance between two points can be measured with the help of a ruler. It has length, but it does not have a width and depth.

What is the Difference Between Line and Line Segment?

It is a basic fundamental aspect for all the students of the elementary level to understand the variances between these both terms. Below mentioned are a few differences.

Line Line Segment
The line doesn’t have an endpoint. While the line segment has two endpoints.
A line extends in both the directions As the line segment has the start and endpoint, it does not extend in both the directions.
It does not have a start and endpoint It has start and endpoint
The length of the line cannot be measured The length of the line segment can be measured
Many students have a question if a line can be drawn on a sheet of paper. And, the answer to that question is ‘No’. ‘Yes,’ a line segment can be drawn on a sheet of the paper.
As mentioned earlier in the first point, that the line doesn’t possess an endpoint. The length of a line is indefinite. As mentioned in the first point, a line segment comprises of two endpoints. The length is definite.
A line can be comprehended as a boundless, straight, continuous and a long path. A line segment is a tiny part of a section of the line.
The line is represented as AB and a horizontal line with arrow marks above the AB.

\(\begin{array}{l}i.e.,\ \overleftrightarrow{AB}\end{array} \)
Whereas, the line segment is denoted as AB and a horizontal line above the AB.

\(\begin{array}{l}i.e.,\ \overline{AB}\end{array} \)

Concisely, a line is defined as a 1-dimensional geometric shape which extends infinitely in both the directions. At the same time, a line segment is defined as, the figure that possesses two endpoints. To know more, visit BYJU’S – The Learning App.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


What is the line?

A line is a one-dimensional figure which is extended infinitely in both the directions. It is represented by a straight line with two arrowheads. It has only one dimension, i.e. length.

What is a line segment?

A line segment is a type of line which is defined between two distinct endpoints. Each point on the line segment between these two endpoints belongs to it.

What is the line ray?

A ray is a line which has one endpoint and the other side of the line extends indefinitely. It is represented by one endpoint and another end by an arrowhead.

What is the difference between a line and a point?

A line has one dimension which is the length and a point is a dimensionless quantity. A line is represented by a straight line and a point is denoted by a dot.


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