Difference Between Line And Line Segment

In the rudimentary level geometry, the term that each and every student comes across is ‘line’. A line is a direct geometric shape that expands in both the courses. However, there is a difference between ‘Line’ and ‘Line Segment‘. And, it is significant for the students to comprehend the contrast between these two terminologies. This article is a ready reckoner guide of what are the differences between line and line segment.

Difference between Line and Line Segment

It is a basic fundamental aspect for all the students of elementary level to understand the variances between these both terms. Below mentioned are a few differences.


Line Segment

First point to be noted is, that the line doesn’t have an end point.

While the line segment has two end points.

Many students have a question, if a line can be drawn on a sheet of paper. And, the answer for that question is ‘No’.

‘Yes’ a line segment can be drawn on a sheet of the paper.

As mentioned earlier in the first point, that the line doesn’t possess an end point. The length of a line is indefinite.

As mentioned in the first point, that a line segment comprises of two end points. The length is definite.

A line can be comprehended as a boundless, straight, continuous and a long path.

A line segment is a tiny part or a section of the line.

Line is represented as – ‘l’

Where as, line segment is denoted as – AB and an arrow mark above the symbol AB.

Concisely, a line is defined as 1-dimensional geometric shape which extends infinitely in both the directions. Where as a line segment is defined as, the figure that possess two end points. To know more, subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel.

Practise This Question

What is the ratio ACBC  for the following construction method:
A ray is extended from A and 30 arcs of equal lengths are cut, cutting the ray at A1,A2.......A30.
A line is drawn from A30 to B and a line parallel to A30B is drawn, passing through the point A17.