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A differential equation can simply be termed as an equation with one or more functions and its derivatives. You can read more about it from the differential equations PDF below. The functions usually represent physical quantities. Derivatives of these functions give the rate of change of the quantities and the differential equation describes the relationship between them. The simplest way to calculate quantities is by using differential equations formulas.

Differential Equations are used to solve practical problems like Elmer Pump Heat Equation


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Differential Equations first came into existence by Newton and Leibniz who also invented Calculus. The three kinds of equations Newton initially conceptualized were:

Differential Equations

The study of differential equations essentially consists of the sequence of their solutions. That means the set of functions that satisfy each of the equation and the attributes of their solutions. Explicit formulas are used for solving only the simplest differential equations; but, many properties of solutions of a given differential equation may be determined without even estimating them accurately.


Differential equations has its wide range of applications in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and even Economics, with topics ranging from classical mechanics, electrodynamics, general relativity and quantum mechanics.

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