CBSE Important Questions For Class 7 Maths

Important questions for class 7 mathematics is one of the most vital resources for the students who are preparing for the class VII examination. Here we have furnished Class 7 Important questions for maths. Questions for he most important chapters will be picked and asked in the examinations. Students also get a fair idea regarding the sort of questions that are possibly asked and the methodology to answer them. Here, we have given all the important questions that are likely to appear in the class 7 mathematics examination.

Mathematics important questions for class 7 are provided below according to the chapter wise.

Name of the Chapter


Fractions and Decimals

Data Handling

Sample Equations

Lines and Angles


Comparing Quantiles

Rational Numbers

Perimeter and Area

Algebraic Expressions

Exponents and Powers

Practical Geometry, Symmetry and Visualising Solid Shapes

We at BYJU’S suggest the students to go through and practice all the important questions for class 7 Mathematics.

Practise This Question

Kushagra is drawing a railway track on paper as a part of his project. He asked Sarosh to draw a line parallel to the given line. Sarosh said that we can only construct a line parallel to the given line using alternate angles concept. Is this true?