Lines and Angles Worksheet

As the examination season comes nearer day by day, there is one thing which may mold it into a successful one or just another brick in the wall, and that is the confidence the students have one their preparation. Our efforts to provide you with Maths worksheets are based on the fact that after the studying part is over student need some platform to bounce their knowledge off and get an understanding of how deep water they are in. If practiced in a proper fashion these worksheets simulate the environment of examination enabling the students to keep their cool in the real deal. The worksheets have categorized by different topics to help the student create a format of preparation for themselves i.e. read the chapter, comprehend all the concepts associated with it and then move on to the worksheets. The confidence factor comes in when the student successfully solves the sheet and thus knows that he/she has command over the topic.

With an easy to use format and feature of free downloads, these worksheets are an effort from our side to help students in cementing their preparation. For the all-round development of the students, theory is included along with exercises. Lines and angles is an important topic in lower classes as it forms the basis of geometry. Besides being important for school education, this topic has been asked a lot in competitive examinations such as GMAT, CAT, and GRE.

Word problems along with the diagrams associated to them are solved in these worksheets. These solved examples should not be blindly followed, but the concept beneath them should be tried to understand. The amount of preparation a student does before the examination does not guarantee good marks. The performance they give on the spot also plays an important role in scoring good and as hinted above time plays a huge factor. What students should try is to time themselves while working on these worksheets and thus simulate the exam environment. Various forms of problems are explored in these worksheets, and thus students who’ll practice them will have a clear edge over others

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