Sequence and Series Worksheet

Sequence and Series Worksheet help the students to focus and solve the general sequencing problems and also other topics that are related to Sequence and series. With the use of this worksheets, students can also have a good revision and a practice of the subject and topics which appear in the examination.

These sequences and series sheet will help students of CBSE higher secondary and senior secondary class students. The questions and the solutions of the worksheets are formulated as per the CBSE board and curriculum along with the NCERT rules and guidelines.

The CBSE Board (Central Board of Secondary Education system) organizes the final term examinations to all the CBSE affiliated schools in India.  Students should make proper preparation before appearing for the exam. The sequence and series worksheet help the students in scoring good marks in the final examination.

The Sequence and Series Worksheets helps the students on various aspects and topics which are below-

  • Provides an idea of how to find the next terms of a given sequence by the use of explicit and recursive formulas.
  • The worksheets put a light in knowing about the general series and sequences of algebra.
  • Students also develop ideas on how to evaluate the sequence and series of numbers, writing expressions on the geometric sequence, solving Arithmetic series, etc.

Worksheet on Sequence and Series

Solve the sequence and series problems given below:

Check whether the given sequence is an arithmetic sequence.

1, -6, 36, -216, 1296.

Determine the next three terms of the sequence: 266, 282, 298, 314, 330, __, __, __.
Find out the first term and the common difference of the arithmetic sequence.

101, 42, -17, -76, -135.

a = _____     d = _____

Compute the arithmetic series – 40 – 33 – 26, … up to 31 terms
Find the number of terms in the arithmetic series:

0.2 + 0.5 + 0.8 + … up to “n” terms is 10.

The sum of the terms in a series is 7518. Find out the number of terms in the arithmetic series whose first term is 97 and last term is 261. 
Ramya was gifted with a piggy bank for her birthday. She saves Rs. 15 from her allowance in April, Rs. 23 in May, Rs. 31 in June month and so on. Calculate how much amount will Ramya’s piggy contain at the end of 12 months?
Determine the next three terms of the given geometric sequence:

9.2, -18.4, 36.8, __, __, __.

Find the first term and the common ratio of the given sequence:

4.2, 12.6, 37.8, 113.4, 340.2, …

a = _____       r = _____

Which of the following is a geometric sequence or progression?

(a) 45, 135, 405, 1215, …    (b) 76.2, 381, 1905, …   (c) -12, -24, -48, -84

Write down the geometric sequence for the given general form: an = -20 (-2)n-1.
Find out the 6th  term of the geometric sequence if the 3rd term of the GP is 1/√5, and the common ratio is ½.
Find out the missing terms of the given sequence:

5, ___, 13, 20, 29

3, 14, 58, 234, ___

Write the sequence for the general term: an = (2n +1.4). (-1)n for all n ≥1.
Compute the 12th  term of the sequence: -10, -30, -60, -100, -150.

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