Mizoram Board Class 11 Syllabus

A syllabus is an important resource for the students, as it gives an overview of the concepts taught in class. Based on the marks weightage assigned according to the topics, students can prepare the most effective study plan. Hence, for someone who aims to score high marks in the Class 11 Science stream, the Mizoram Board Class 11 Syllabus of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology are very crucial.

Here, we have provided the PDF links to download the Mizoram Board syllabus of these subjects. Click on the links given in the table below and access the PDFs now.

Download Mizoram Board Class 11 Syllabus- Science Stream Free PDFs

Mizoram Board Class 11 Maths

The subject Maths of Class 11 covers a lot of complex theorems and concepts. Some of the topics covered include sets and their representations, Cartesian product of sets, Definition of trigonometric functions, algebraic properties of complex numbers, Linear inequalities, Sequence and Series and many more. Below is a list of chapters of Class 11 Maths:

1) Sets and Functions

2) Algebra

3) Coordinate Geometry

4) Calculus

5) Mathematical Reasoning

6) Statistics and Probability

Mizoram Board Class 11 Physics

Class 11 is a crucial stage in the life of a student and Physics is an equally important subject. It contains a lot of complex concepts and acing the subject requires hard work and commitment. A student thorough with the syllabus will be able to prepare for the exams, accordingly. Find the list of topics covered:

1)Physical World and Measurement


3)Laws of Motion

4)Work, Energy and Power

5)Motivation of system of Particles and Rigid Body


7)Properties of Bulk Matter


9)Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory of Gases

10)Oscillations and Waves

Mizoram Board Class 11 Chemistry

The Class 11 Syllabus of Mizoram Board Chemistry is such that it will lay the foundation for the fundamental concepts of the subject. The syllabus covers concepts such as Atomic and Molecular Masses, Discovery of Electron, Significance of Classification, Three states of Matter, Third Law of Thermodynamics, Redox Reactions, p-block Elements, Classification of Hydrocarbons and so on. Find the list of topics covered:

1)Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

2)Structure of Atoms

3)Classification of Elements and Periodicity In Properties

4)Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

5)States of Matter: Gases and Liquids



8)Redox Reactions


10)S-Block Elements

11)Some P-Block Elements

12)Organic Chemistry: Some Basic Principles and Techniques


14)Environmental Chemistry

Mizoram Board Class 11 Biology

In Class 11 Biology, students learn new concepts of Biology along with getting exposure to the contemporary areas of the subject. The syllabus in a simple clear format will focus on the concepts in a sequential manner. Some of the main topics covered are Biodiversity: Need for classification, Morphology and Modifications, Cell theory, Transport in Plants, Digestion and Absorption and more. Find the list of concepts here:

1)Diversity of Living Organisms

2)Structural Organisation In Plants and Animals

3)Cell: Structure and Function

4)Plant Physiology

5)Human Physiology

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