Mizoram Board Class 9 Textbooks

Herewith is a list of all the prescribed Mizoram Board Class 9 Textbooks for all subjects. Students can access the information about these MBSE Textbooks by browsing this article. The list of books enclosed with this are all the prescribed textbooks for Class 9 for the academic session 2020-21. All affiliated high schools under the MBSE will follow these textbooks for Class 9.

In the table below the names of publishers and the textbooks for MBSE Class 9 are listed:

List of Mizoram Board Class 9 Textbooks – All Subjects

Name of the Textbook Name of Printer
1) (i) Mizo-9 By MBSE

(ii) Rapid Readers -Irrawaddy Luikamah by James Dokhuma

Beraw Press


Franco Offset Printers

2) Hindi (MIL)

(i) Sparsh – Bhag 1

(ii) Sanchayan – Bhag 1

(iii) Vyavaharik Hindi Vyakaran Aur Rachana

NCERT, New Delhi
3) Alternative English

(i) Choice of Prose

(ii) Poetry for Pleasure

(iii) Around the World In 80 Days by Jules Verne

Oxford University Press
4)Essential English: A multi-skill language course

(i) Main Course Book- 9

(ii) Literature Reader-9


(iv) Current English Grammar and Usage

Oxford University Press
5)Mathematics -9

Learning Maths

(adapted) -9

Frank Educational Aids (Pvt) Ltd
6) Social Science-9

  1. Footprints-9 (adapted)
  2. Longman School Atlas
Macmillan Publishers India Ltd

Dorling Kindersley Private Ltd

7) Science-9

  1. Secondary Science – (adapted) -9
  2. New Experimental Skills In Science-IX
Arya Publishing Company

Geeta Publishing House

8) Mizoram-Hindi-9


Romil Publishers (P) Ltd
9) Instructional Material for Physical and Health Education by MBSE Hauhlira Press
10) (a) Computers Ahead -CBSE Orient Blackswan (P) Ltd
11) Home Science for Class-9 Laxmi Publication (P) Ltd
12) Commercial Studies -9 by Prof. PC Tulsian and SD Tulsian Ratna Sagar (P) Ltd
13) Civics and Economics (A textbook of Class IX) by Vishnoo Bhagwan and R.G. Saxena Geeta Publishing House

List of Subjects From Class 9



3)Alternative English

4)Essential English


6)Social Science



9)Physical and Health Education

10) Computers Ahead

11) Home Science

12)Commercial Studies

13)Civics and Economics

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