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Formula: Momentum ChangeM)= Mass (m) * Velocity Changev)

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The Momentum with Velocity Calculator is an online tool that helps to find the value of Momentum when Velocity and mass of the object are known to us. BYJU’S Momentum with respect to velocity and mass calculator makes computation, simple and quick.

What is Momentum with Velocity?

If Δ M is the change in momentum, m is the mass of the object and v is the velocity, then change in momentum with respect to velocity is given by:

Δ M = mv

Also, we can say,

Mass, m = Δ M/v = Momentum/Velocity


Velocity, v = Δ M/m = Momentum/Mass

Momentum is a quantity which is similar to force. Therefore, it is equal to the product of mass and velocity. It defines the property of a moving object. The SI unit of momentum is kg-m/s.

How to use Momentum with Velocity Calculator?

Find the below steps to find the change in momentum or velocity or mass of the object using the calculator given here.

Step 1: Suppose we are given with mass and velocity and we need to find the value of momentum change.

Step 2: Enter the value of mass and velocity in the respective input fields

Step 3: Enter x in the momentum change input field

Step 4: Click on “calculate the unknown” button to get the required value

The value of momentum with respect to velocity and given mass will appear in the output field

Solved Example

Find the value of momentum changed when mass and velocity are given.

Mass = 10 kg and Velocity = 30 m/s

Solution: As per the formula, we know,

Δ M = mv = mass x velocity

Δ M = 10 x 30 = 300 kg-m/s

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