MP Board Class 11 Physics Important Questions

Getting good scores for class 11 Physics takes a lot of hard work and practice. To score well, students will have to download the MP Board Textbooks and sample papers. This helps them to get practice solving question papers. To prepare with the help of all these study material, the class 11 students would need a systematic study plan as well. Students can also learn with the help of MP Class 11 Physics Important Questions.

These Physics important question covering the important topics as per the MP Board Class 11 Physics Syllabus is devised after a thorough analysis of the Question Banks. We determine the questions that cover the important concepts and topics of a subject. Practicing with these questions would give the students fundamental conceptual knowledge about the subject.

Find below the Important Questions for MP Board Class 11 Physics:

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You can also find a list of the important questions for MP Board Class 11 Physics here.

Important Questions of MP Board Class 11 Physics

  1. A person walks 8m West and 6m North so the displacement is __________
  2. If the magnitude of two vectors are 3 units and 4 unit and resultant of scalar product is 6 units, then the angle between them is____________
  3. State the triangle law of vector addition and explain it.
  4. What are the fundamental quantities? Name the unit of fundamental quantities. In S.I. System and write their symbol.
  5. The error in measurement of one side of a solid cube is 5%. What will be the percentage error in the measurement of its volume.
  6. Explain one dimensional, two dimensional and three dimensional motion with examples.
  7. Draw position time graph for uniform accelerated motion.
  8. A second hand of a clock is 2 cm long. Calculate (i) Angular velocity (ii) Linear velocity of its tip.
  9. Write Newton’s first law of motion. How is law of inertia, explained by it?
  10. Write the advantages and disadvantage of friction in daily life?
  11. Write down the principle of Rocket propulsion. Obtain expression for upthrust force on a Rocket?
  12. State the theorem of parallel axis of moment of inertia.
  13. State law of conservation of angular momentum. Explain this with an example?
  14. Derive an expression for Kinetic energy and Momentum of a body.
  15. Deduce expression for the elastic potential energy of a compressed spring.
  16. Write down four differences between energy and power.
  17. Explain the condition of weightlessness in artificial satellite and describe the effect of weightlessness with reason?
  18. Write down the different between Isothermal elasticity and adiabatic elasticity.
  19. What is Pascal’s law? How does gravity effect on this law?
  20. Explain Detergentes froth in not water has greater cleansing power.
  21. The effective length of a simple pendulum measures up to the centre of bob: why?
  22. What is Doppler’s effect?
  23. What are the similarities and dissimilarities in the properties of heat radiation and light?
  24. State Stefan- Boltzmann’s Law of black body radiation.
  25. What changes occur in the wavelength and the energy corresponding to it in the radiation emitted from a black body on increasing its temperature? Draw energy distribution cures at two different temperatures to explain it.


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