MP Board Class 3 Maths Textbook

Maths is a tough subject for students to crack and they need a lot of practice if they want to score well in the subject. Students can start preparing for exams before hand and to get a good foundation of the subject, students need to be thorough with MP Board Class 3 Maths textbook. These books explains the topics under the subject, as per the MP Board Syllabus in a very clear and concise manner.

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Students can find the chapter wise PDF links of MP Board Class 3 Maths textbook here:

Download MP Board Class 3 Maths Textbook pdfs

पाठ 1

संख्या पद्धति: १००० तक की संख्याएं

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पाठ 2

स्थानीयमान और विस्तारित रूप

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पाठ 3

सम-विषम संख्याएं

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पाठ 4

क्रम सूचक संख्याएं

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पाठ 5

संख्या रेखा

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पाठ 6


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पाठ 7


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पाठ 8


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पाठ 9


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पाठ 10


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पाठ 11

मापन{लम्बाई, वजन(भार) और धारिता}

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पाठ 12


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पाठ 13

जगह की समझ तथा क्षेत्रफल

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पाठ 14

जयमतिया आकृतियां एवं उनकी विशेषताएं

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पाठ 15


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Why use MP Board Class 3 Maths textbook?

  • Students can get enough practice solving maths problems in it
  • The teachers give students homework from it
  • Students can use it to study
  • Interesting illustrations and graphics in the textbooks attract students
  • Complex problem is explained in easy to understand steps

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