MP Board Class 7 Social Science Syllabus

MP Board Class 7 Social Science syllabus is essential because it gives the proper structure of the course content. Students should prepare according to their respective curriculum so that while attempting the exam question paper, they can solve all the questions asked. Students, as well as teachers, refer to MP Board Class 7 syllabus of Social Science to know the topics included in the subject. Students should get familiarized with their syllabus before they start studying Social Science.

Download MP Board Class 7 Social Science Syllabus PDF

By clicking the above link students can download PDF of MP Board Class 7 syllabus of Social Science designed in a well-structured manner.


Unit Name

Unit 1

India and the World

Unit 2

Kingdoms of South India

Unit 3

Kingdoms of North India

Unit 4

Our Constitution

Unit 5

Fundamental Rights and Duties

Unit 6

Government at the Centre

Unit 7

Movements of the Earth

Unit 8


Unit 9


Unit 10

Air Pressure and Wind

Unit 11

The Delhi Sultanate

Unit 12

Administration and Life of the People during the Sultanate Period

Unit 13

The Foundation of the Mughal Empire and its Rise

Unit 14

The Age of Magnificence

Unit 15

The President and the Central Council of Ministers

Unit 16

State Government

Unit 17

The Governor and State Council of Ministers

Unit 18

Humidity and Rainfall

Unit 19

Weather and Climate

Unit 20


Unit 21

Sea Movements

Unit 22

Aurangazeb and the Decline of the Mughal Empire

Unit 23

The Administration of the Mughal and the Life of the People

Unit 24

The Rise of the Sikh and Maratha Power

Unit 25

Our Judicial System

Unit 26

Rights of a Child and Human Rights

Unit 27

The Tribes of India

Unit 28

Asia: Physical Features

Unit 29

Asia: Economic Resources

Unit 30

The Continent of Europe: Physical Features

Unit 31

Europe: Economic Features

Unit 32

The Continent of Africa: Physical Features

Unit 33

Africa: Economic Development

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