Maharashtra Board Sample Paper for Class 6 Science

Class 6 is the turning point for every student as it is the first stage of secondary school. Sample paper for Class 6 Science Maharashtra Board gives a brief idea to the student about the chapters and important keys areas on which they have to focus more. Maharashtra Board Class 6 Science includes many important topics like disaster management, the living world, motion and types of motion, etc. All the chapters in the sample papers are in accordance with Maharashtra Board Class 6 Science syllabus.

Students should practice sample paper along with studying respective textbooks so that they can get an idea about the important topics and types of questions asked. By practicing sample paper for Class 6 Science Maharashtra Board students will be confident while solving the final exam paper. To solve the whole question paper on time students should know time management skills so that they don’t run out of time. So, in this case, solving sample paper will teach them proper time management.

Click the link below to download the pdf format of sample paper for Class 6 Science


Practise This Question

Sushweta wants to present her friend a gift made of plant fibre. Which one of the following will she select?

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