MSBSHSE Class 9 Social Science Geography Chapter 9: Trade Textbook Questions and Solutions

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MSBSHSE Class 9 Social Science Geography Chapter 9 Objective Questions: Textbook Important Questions and Solutions

MSBSHSE Class 9 Social Science Geography Chapter 9 Textbook Exercise Questions

Q 1. Classify the trade taking place between following regions:

(A) Maharashtra and Punjab

(B) India and Japan

(C) Lasalgaon and Pune

(D) China and Canada

(E) India and European Union

Answer A: Domestic Trade.

Answer B: Bilateral International Trade.

Answer C: Local Trade

Answer D: Bilateral International Trade.

Answer E: Multilateral International Trade.

Q 2.Write the correct word- Import or Export for the following:

(A) India buys crude oil from the Middle-East Asian countries.

(B) Wheat is sent to Asian countries from Canada.

(C) Japan sends machine parts to APEC countries.

Answer A: Import

Answer B: Export

Answer C: Export

Q 3. Correct and rewrite the wrong statements:

(A) India is a self-sufficient country.

(B) The place where there is excess production does not have demand for those products.

(C) International trade processes are easier than local trade.

(D) SAARC works towards economic development and enhancing the social and cultural harmony of the South-East Asian countries.

Answer A: The statement is wrong because no nation is self-sufficient.

Answer B: The statement is correct.

Answer C: The statement is wrong. International trade processes are more complex than local trade.

Answer D: The statement is correct.

Q 4. Identify and write the type of trade:

(A) Srushti brought sugar from the grocery shop.

(B) The traders from Surat bought cotton from the farmers of Maharashtra.

(C) Sameer has exported pomegranates from his farms to Australia.

(D) Sadabhau bought 10 sacks of wheat and 5 sacks of rice from Market Yard for selling in his own shop.

Answer A: Visible Trade.

Answer B: Wholesale Trade.

Answer C: International Trade.

Answer D: Retail Trade.

Q 5. Write answers in short:

(A) Create a flowchart showing the types of trade

(B) Explain the difference in types of balances of trade.

(C) State the objectives of WTO.

(D) What is the difference between the OPEC and APEC in terms of their functions?

(E) Write the functions of the important trade organisations in Asia.

(F) What is the importance of marketing from a farmer’s point of view?

Answer A:

Domestic Trade International Trade
Wholesale Import
Retail Export

Answer B: The balance of trade compares the value of a country’s exports of goods and services against its imports. When exports are greater than imports, that’s a trade surplus. Most nations view that as a favorable trade balance. The opposite, when the value of imports outweighs the value of exports, is a trade deficit. Countries usually regard that as an unfavorable trade balance.

Answer C: The objectives of WTO

  • To set and execute rules for international trade
  • To present a panel for negotiating and controlling additional trade liberalization
  • To solve trade conflicts
  • To improve the clarity of decision-making methods.

Answer D: The difference between the OPEC and APEC in terms of their functions are

OPEC functions APEC functions
OPEC is an organisation of countries which export petroleum APEC is an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
It controls the international trading of crude oil It provides free trade and economic cooperation in Asia-Pacific Ocean region.
It controls the rates of crude oil production among member states It promotes regional and technical cooperation among members.
It also maintains consensus in oil export.

Answer E: The functions of the important trade organisations in Asia are:

1. World Trade Organisation (WTO)

  • To provide platform for negotiations in international trade
  • To handle the differences related to trade
  • Monitor the trade policies of member states
  • Providing technological assistance and training to developing countries.

2. Association of South-East Asian nations (ASEAN)

  • Expanding social and cultural harmony along with economic growth in SE Asia
  • Promoting regional peace
  • Promoting tax waivers for trade growth in member states

3. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

  • Free trade and economic cooperation in Asia-Pacific Ocean region
  • Promoting regional and technical cooperation among members

4. South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)

  • Finding satisfactory solutions to the common problems faced by countries in South Asia.
  • Increasing social welfare, raising the living standard and increasing regional cooperation among member states
  • To remove unrest in South Asia.

Answer F: Marketing is important for farmers because they are critical components in rebuilding local food economies. Through marketing

  • The production can be distributed all at once on a large scale .
  • The product can reach a large number of consumers .
  • Reaching maximum customers, attracting consumers to the products and making them buy the products is the objective behind them.

Q 6. In the following table, export-import of some countries in the year 2014-15 is given in million U.S. dollars. Make a compound bar graph of the given statistical information. Read the bar diagram carefully and comment upon the balance of payments of the respective countries.

Country Export Import













MSBSHSE Class 9 Social Science Geography Chapter 9

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