MSBSHSE SSC (Class 10) Social Science History Chapter 6: Entertainment and History Textbook Questions and Solutions

MSBSHSE Class 10 Social Science History Chapter 6 are the most preferable study material while revising the syllabus. Subject matter experts framed these MSBSHSE Class 10 solutions of History after proper analysis of the concepts mentioned in the chapter. Students are advised to have a thorough knowledge of the solutions so that they can write any type of questions asked in the exam.

MSBSHSE SSC (Class 10) Social Science History Chapter 6 Objective Questions: Textbook Important Questions and Solutions

MSBSHSE Class 10 Social Science History Chapter 6 Textbook Exercise Questions

1. (A) Complete the sentences by choosing the correct option.

(1) ……… are supposed to be the first keertankar in Maharashtra.

(a) Saint Dnyanehshwar

(b) Saint Tukaram

(c) Saint Namdev

(d) Saint Eknath

(2) Baburao painter made the movie, ……….. .

(a) Pundalik

(b) Raja Harischandra

(c) Sairandhri

(d) Bajirao-Mastani

Answer 1: (c) Saint Namdev

Answer 2: (c) Sairandhri

(B) Identify the wrong pair in the following, correct it and rewrite.

(1) Raigadala Jevha Jag Yete – Vasant Kanetkar

(2) Tilak Ani Agarkar – Vishram Bedekar

(3) Sashtang Namaskar – Acharya Atre

(4) Ekach Pyala – Annasaheb Kirloskar

Answer B: The wrong pair is Ekach Pyala – Annasaheb Kirloskar. The right pair should be Ekach Pyala – Ram Ganesh Gadkari.

Q2. Complete the following chart.

Bhajan Keertan Lalit Bharud


Bhajan Keertan Lalit Bharud
Characteristics To sing songs in praise of God and chanting god’s name accompanied by

instruments like taal (cymbals), mridangam,

pakhavaj is known as Bhajan.There are two types of Bhajan, Chakri Bhajan and

Songi Bhajan.


is supposed to be the founder of the Keertana tradition. Saint Namadev is

known as the first keertankar of Maharashtra. Other saints helped the tradition to flourish. The keertankar is also known as

Haridas or Kathekaribuva.

Lalit is an old form of

entertainment in Maharashtra. It belongs

to the tradition of Naradiya Keertan. It is

quite popular in Goa and Konkan. During the performance of Lalit on the

occasion of religious festivals, it is

presumed that the presiding deity of that

festival is present on the throne and then

she is invoked for fulfilment of a desire.

Bharud can be described as

a metaphorical song that has spiritual and

ethical lessons. Bharud is comparable to

the style of a road show. Bharuds composed

by Saint Eknath are popular in Maharashtra

because of its wide range of subjects,

dramatic quality, easy rhythm and humour.

Examples In north India the bhajans composed

by Saint Tulsidas, the great poet Surdas,

Saint Meerabai and Saint Kabir are very


Keertan is

performed in a temple or in the precincts

of a temple.

Stories of Krishna, Rama and great

devotees are presented during the


Saint Eknath composed Bharuds with the

purpose of educating people on various

aspects of life.

Q3. Write notes :

(1) Need of entertainment

(2) Marathi Theatre

(3) Entertainment and professional opportunities

Answer 1: Need of entertainment – Healthy entertainment of excellent quality is essential for the healthy growth of one’s personality. Entertainment keeps our minds lively and fresh. It may also make us feel physically more energetic. So, eventually our efficiency at work improves. Pursuing hobbies and games helps in personality development. In India, many festivals, sports, dance, music, etc. were developed as forms of entertainment since ancient times. Entertainment can be classified into two categories, active and passive. Active entertainment anticipates an individual’s mental-physical participation. Practicing handicrafts and participating in sport activities are examples of active entertainment. Watching a sports match or listening to music or watching a movie are examples of passive entertainment. In this type of entertainment we are not actual participants but only viewers.

Answer 2: Marathi Theatre – The Theatre tradition in Maharashtra began from the first century, which is depicted through the inscriptions found in Nashik. The first public performance of a stage play in Marathi was ‘Sita Swayamvar’ by Vishnudas Bhave in 1843. Marathi Theatre flourished in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Sangeet Natak and Tamasha are two types of Marathi Theatre. Sangeet Natak being the musical drama and Tamasha being the Folk Dance.

Unlike other regional theatres, Marathi Theatre doesn’t carry away with adaptations and translations from other languages. Maharashtriyan audience doesn’t look at theatre just as an entertainment medium; it is more of a tradition in this state.

Answer 3: Entertainment and professional opportunities –

There are many professions associated with theatre and cinema.

  • Professional hair stylists, costume designers, makeup artists, art directors who put up stage backdrops are required in theatre.
  • Director, technician, actor, lightmen, costumes, jewellery and assistants are required too. Experts in music and script writers, singers are required.
  • Cinema requires all of them along with the dance directors, singers, cameramen, Dialogue writers and story writers . Scholars of history can work in this field as art directors.

Q4. Explain the following statements with reasons.

(1) Expertise in history is important in the film industry.

(2) Bharuds composed by Saint Eknath are popular in Maharashtra.

Answer 1: Many movies in recent times are made on the lives of historical characters. It is important for the makers to have knowledge of the historical facts due to the following reasons:

1. A large audience consumes the content delivered by movies and TV serials. The portrayal of wrong facts passes the wrong information to the public.

2. Many times, sentiments are attached to a particular Empire or war, etc. Wrong information by films may incite a feeling of disliking in these groups or in extreme cases may lead to violence on the issue.

3. It may become a reason for creating disruption in society and used negatively by non-social elements.

Hence, expertise in history is important in the film industry.

Answer 2: Bharuds composed by Saint Eknath are popular in Maharashtra because of its wide range of subjects, dramatic quality, easy rhythm and humour. Saint Eknath composed Bharuds with a purpose of educating people on various aspects of life.

Q5. Answer the following questions in 25-30 words.

(1) Why is Maharashtra known as the land that nurtured the Indian film industry?

(2) What is Powada?

Answer 1: Maharashtra is known as the land that nurtured the Indian film industry because most of the Indian films are directed, filmed and shown in this region. It has the biggest audience and the biggest film resource for the film industry in India. Mumbai, the hub of Bollywood is situated in the Maharashtra region.

Answer 2: Powada is a dramatic narration by alternatingly reciting poetry and prosaic extracts. Powada narrates great deeds of heroic men and women in a very forceful and inspiring style. The Powada composed by Adnyandas, a contemporary poet of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, narrating the incidence of the killing of Afzal Khan and another one on the battle of Sinhagarh, composed by Tulasidas, are two well-known examples of Powada.

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