Maharashtra SSC Board Class 10 Social Science Important Questions

Maharashtra Board Class 10 exams are fast approaching, resulting in students feeling nervous about their preparation. Social Science subject covers a vast syllabus, which is divided into four subjects – History, Political Science, Geography and Economics. So, to bring relief to all your stress, we at BYJU’S have prepared a set of important questions, which will help you to revise the complete Maharashtra Board Class 10 syllabus of Social Science. Our subject experts have compiled these important questions for Class 10 students.

The important questions provided here are prepared after a thorough analysis of the previous year question papers and the latest syllabus. For students of Maharashtra Board Class 10, these important questions will come in handy in revising a significant part of Class 10 Social Science syllabus. These important questions given here will help students to understand the essential topics and which sections they need to focus more upon.

Class 10 students can download a PDF of important questions of History and Political Science and Geography and Economics by clicking the below-mentioned link.

Download Maharashtra Board Class 10 History and Political Science Important Questions

Download Maharashtra Board Class 10 Geography and Economics Important Questions

Important Questions for Class 10 History and Political Science

  1. What efforts are undertaken to bring transparency in the political process?
  2. Explain the features of procedure of voting during the first Lok Sabha election.
  3. Explain the dual nature of the questions before democracy.
  4. What is regional inequality?
  5. State the significance of the Russian Revolution.
  6. Explain the causes of the Cold War.
  7. Write about the constructive effects of Imperialism.
  8. What are different ways of having people’s participation in Democracy?
  9. Explain why it is said that the nature of government is complex.
  10. What are the advantages of globalization?
  11. Write about the ‘Nanking Treaty’
  12. What were the contributions of extremists and moderates in India’s freedom movement?

Important Questions for Class 10 Geography and Economics

  1. Give details about the rivers of the Himalayas.
  2. What is meant by Public Distribution System?
  3. What are the duties of a consumer?
  4. Explain the meaning of ‘bank rate’?
  5. Write the factors responsible for increase in demand for goods and services.
  6. What is meant by ‘Cash Reserve Ratio’?
  7. Describe the industrial development of Punjab –Haryana Plain
  8. What are the characteristics of agriculture in Central Highlands of India?
  9. What are the most common business malpractices?
  10. Define the term ‘inflation’
  11. Explain the fiscal measures to control inflation
  12. How are Brazil and India different from each other in terms of location?


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