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Multiplying Decimals Calculator is a free online tool that displays the product of two given decimals values. BYJU’S online multiplying decimals calculator tool makes the calculations faster, and the product value is displayed in a fraction of seconds.

How to Use Multiplying Decimals Calculator?

The procedure to use the multiplying decimals calculator is as follows:

Step 1: Enter two decimal values in the given input field

Step 2: Click the button “Solve” to get the product value

Step 3: The product will be displayed in the output field

What are Decimals?

In Mathematics, a decimal number is a number in which the whole number part and the fractional part is separated by a dot (.) called decimal point. The value of digits following the decimal point should be smaller than the value 1. Decimals are based on the previous powers of 10. As we proceed from left to right, the place value of the digit values gets divided by 10. Then the decimal place values are given as tenths (1/10), hundredths (1/100), and thousandths (1/1000). For example, the decimal value of 1/100 is written as 0.01.

Standard Form

The standard form to represent the decimal number is as follows:

Example: 2.16

Here, “2” represent the whole number part

“16” represent the decimal part

“.” represent the decimal point

Frequently Asked Questions on Multiplying Decimals Calculator

What are the four basic operations of decimals?

The four different basic operations of decimals are:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division

What is the decimal point?

A decimal point is a point that separates the whole number part and the decimal part.

Example: 4.56. Here “.” represents the decimal point.

How to read the number after the decimal point?

Consider an example: 45. 23618

Here, the numbers after the decimal point can be read as:

2 →Tenth’s

3 → Hundredth’s

6 → Thousandth’s

1 →Ten – thousandth’s

8 → Hundred -thousandth’s

Disclaimer: This calculator development is in progress some of the inputs might not work, Sorry for the inconvenience.

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