NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Chemistry Solutions for Chapter 13 - Amines

NCERT class 12 Chemistry exemplar for chapter 13 Amines is an essential study material that is required for the students who are seriously preparing for CBSE class 12 and graduate entrance examinations. Studying this exemplar solution will help you in grasping the Amines topic completely and assist you in preparing amines class 12 notes which will come handy during the time of revision.

NCERT class 12 Chemistry exemplar for chapter 13 is prepared by Chemistry experts at BYJU’S this exemplar has questions from NCERT class 12 exemplar book along with amines class 12 important questions, questions from sample papers and previous year question papers.

Class 12 Chemistry NCERT Exemplar Problems for Amines

In this chapter, the students will learn about a functional group called Amines. An amine contains a basic nitrogen atom with a lone pair. After studying the chapter the students will learn how to classify amines as a primary, secondary and tertiary.

Important concepts NCERT class 12 Chemistry exemplar for chapter 13 Amines

  1. Structure of Amines
  2. Classification
  3. Nomenclature
  4. Preparation of Amines
  5. Physical Properties
  6. Chemical Reactions
  7. Method of Preparation of Diazonium Salts
  8. Physical Properties
  9. Chemical Reactions
  10. Importance of Diazonium Salts in the Synthesis of Aromatic Compounds.

In order to solve higher order thinking questions from this chapter students are advised to solve the NCERT exemplar class 12 chemistry chapter 13 amines.


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